Enki Nudimmud



(AN).EN.KI.TI  “Enki gives the life”

I’ve always been more of Kramer than Oppenheim, until I discovered to Bottéro . I Like Bottéro because use to fill their publications with references, anecdotes and details to the point of turning , in my view, a mere translation commented in a nuanced description of a lost world and mentality at the borderline of history, is what Kramer did, both with their feet on the floor too maybe, if you like myths and fiction is much better Sitchin or the Bible, for example.

I always wondered where it comes from the name of the biblical god , ie I already knew that the word “Elohim” was somehow related to the Canaanite “El” or Akkadian “ilu “, I mean the unpronounceable name ” Yahweh ” the tetragrammaton ” IHVH ” and what a coincidence, Bottéro gives a clue, letting it falling, as who does not want the thing.

Yahweh is as we know, the god Jehová of most English speakers , also the Jah of weed smokers and the yahu of the terminations of Jewish’s names today, as Netanyahu, before readed Netanias, at least in Castilian . Truly the tetragrammaton is unpronounceable, because we do not know certainty where to insert the vowels between the consonants, which were the only letters the ancient Hebrews wrote as many other peoples did since the Phoenicians invented the alphabet . It is true that the particle “Yah” or ” Yahu ” actually is readed in Hebrew just as it sounds when it is at the end of a name but the fact is that when it is located at the top, it reads ” Yeh ” and ” Yehoshuah ” or as in Castilian, Jesús, Jeremías, etc. . While in Syriac it reads ” Yoh “.

Well, According to Bottéro there are mentions of a god in Akkadian transcribed as ” Yahu ” and is apparently only a dialect, a local pronunciation of the name of the god EA , ie ENKI , is not great ? . So the god who said to Abraham to get lost from Ur , could be neither more nor less than the Sumerian god of Eridu . The artful ENKI , creator of mankind , the son of Nammu , the snake -headed goddess and AN, the father of the gods. ENKI The ruler of ABZU , the aquatic world above which the earth floats, the engineer of the gods, master of Ab.gal.lu, teachers of humanity at their turn, Chief of the Lamassu , female guards Demones , ENKI the drunkard who cheerfully gave his powerful ME to the ambitious and impertinent Inanna, the father of Marduk, which would lead the pantheon of the Babylonian Empire for two thousand years , ENKI the promiscuous, the immoral who had daughters with the daughters of their daughters, the scientist, the artifice, the atheist who laughed of the severe plans of the gods, the slugabed who had to be awaked up by his mother in order to save the world, the cunning and devious rival of Enlil , the chief of the gods who never was tired of trying to exterminate humans, plotting calamities until in one way or another were undone by ENKI, the god of Noah, or Ziusudra as it really was then called .

Amazing, but everyone Jewish -Christian- Muslim could have been worshiping, unknowingly, to the most charismatic and irreverent ,at the same time, of the Sumerian gods.