Global war(n/m)ing (II)

Maybe we all have wondered, why the Eskimos have stayed there in the middle of nowhere with snow up to their ears?. The answer is more complicated than it seems.

As in many other aspects of existence, on the issue of climate change, we have essentially two opposing political lines: some defend reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases, which obviously annoys the industrial and financial lattices, who by their part remain castled in the inevitability of possible events, so they do not think of doing anything about it and so, this is the situation: we can expect a genocide.

Then, we have the opinion of experts who, willy-nilly, is filtered through the political orientation of each one and so, all are embroiled in controversy, some against global warming, others denying the evidence, and all speculating about new reports and the latest statistics. However none of them lose sight of the graph obtained from ice cores in Antarctica in the 50’s, corroborated later by those of Greenland since the 90’s, and that speak not of local physical or meteorological phenomena, but a hundred thousand years of continuous drop in temperature across the planet, said soon. There is a data not lacking of prophetic dyes: just two consecutive mild summers are necessary to trigger the next ice age.


As can be seen in the top graph, the previous interglacial periods (those peaks, with their duration marked in green above) have been warmer than today, which in fact is taking longer than expected, but nothing indicates that go last forever. The following graph of the last ten thousand years, despite the obvious global warming,



(Which still remains below the levels of other historical periods), it is seen as actually the temperature has been going down until a hundred years ago (that downward green line). Although it may seem that does not come to mind, it is worth noting the obsession of Amenhotep III and especially that of his son Akhenaten with the god Aten, during the time of warming Minoico in the previous graph, curiously at that time, there was a sort of syncretism around the solar disk, in all countries related in one way or another with Egypt. Also the emperor Julian II during the Roman Empire, was called “the Apostate” for declaring the Sun as unique and universal god. In both cases, the graph shows it was hot.

Returning to the subject, if the poles melt too fast, apparently, in addition to flood most coastal urban centers, where live no less than fifty percent of the world population, an abrupt decline of such magnitude in the salinity of the sea, would freeze it. The thermal equilibrium is very delicate and even if we want to believe that controlled management of greenhouse gases, could limit the global warming, make no mistake, at any time, a volcano can end in an instant, with decades of careful environmental control.
The Paektu volcano in North Korea is currently being observed by Western scientists with the collaboration of the North Koreans, despite the political climate, because presents signs of activity. The last eruption dates from 946 AD and it is possible that this related to the sudden drop in temperatures in the same period.

Many ways have been proposed to explain why the planet cools regularly: in 1941 was exposed by Milankovitch, the qualified of elegant, theory of the terrestrial orbital cycles, it means, three cycles 100,000, 41,000 and 22,000 years. But it doesn’t satisfy everyone, and there are many other equally valid theories besides of that of the Yugoslav geophysicist, ones based on the cycles of maximum and minimum number of sunspots; even over planetary alignments presided  by the powerful gravity of Jupiter that could raise plasma tides on the Sun’s surface; others involving stellar phenomena beyond the solar system, huge clouds of gas or dust, for example, that the system itself would traverse cyclically, on his journey around the galactic center … in short, what all these theories have in common is that, it is unstoppable and alien to the virtually insignificant, human influence.

Prometheus was thrown from Mount Olympus by defending that there was no difference between humanity and the gods. Apparently the gods were powerful, however they avoided confront the atmospheric phenomena during the flood, all of them tried to flee to elsewhere, if we are to believe the legends. On the contrary, we are trying to combat the climate change instead of trying to adapt ourselves to it. Some researchers have stated that, for decades we should have begun to devote our efforts, not trying to control the weather, but doing the deploying in deserts located in the right latitude as the Sahara, of the infrastructure necessary to transplant the existing arable areas that will be affected; and organize further areas of room for hundreds of millions of refugees who would have to go out from the most punished areas of the planet. Some of these naive have done quite comprehensive studies about it, quite possibly archived in the paper bins of the offices of the relevant departments. The ark of seeds in Norway is much cheaper, but we don’t forget it is designed to mitigate a disaster, not to prevent it. The issue is serious and has been poorly exposed to public opinion, after all, it is imminent only in geologic time, which means we can start to notice its effect tomorrow or in 300 years, it is true and this also means that the weather definitely, sooner or later, will finish with the unemployment problem.

In addition to the mirage of finance, there are still the nationalism, religion and some other nonsense … but I want to be optimistic; face an ice age, is a huge challenge to try to fight individually, apparently never before in human history, we have been so many with the capacity and the necessary technology. We have the opportunity to preserve life, to save a large number of species, not just ours. The circumstances at some point will require from us, among other things, to recognize that life in the current evolutionary state is so rare, so scarce in the vastness of the cosmos and precious therefore that deserves from us, to leave behind the prejudices and paying the due attention to what is really important.

At the moment, the option chosen is to discuss it politically and ultimately no country seems willing to lose sight of the fluctuations of the stock market and the risk premium. It seems to me that it is urgent to stop thinking like fucking thugs and hucksters, because once again, the trees don’t let us to see the forest. Mankind has survived, barely, to several ice ages, Neanderthals failed to overcome the last, so now, we are the only human species left.

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Bibliograph.: Jon Erikson “The Ice Ages”