Knon revisited

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Geopolitical considerations II.

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Those who know, say that capitalism has largely exceeded the limits imposed by the term itself, they say that now is something else, something that Adam Smith himself would have abhorred. This man from the eighteenth century believed in the concept of nation and thought that the economy of a country needs a large middle class busy and well attended, which was essential to ensure social stability. For better or worse, the transnational corporations have broken this scheme and the idea of ​​nation has been left off obsolete at a stroke, whatever the nationalists say, who still remain. The author of the bible of capitalism, lived in the Age of Enlightenment, but if its economic model involves some respect for the working class, it was probably only a symptom of the financial earthquake that would represent the social revolutions that were coming and which he certainly foresaw.

Paradoxically, these same corporations boast of their patriotism, so we can see genuine American products, manufactured entirely in Germany, for example or as in this country, where we see how business leaders’ mouths hurt because of talking about the brand Spain, from its headquarters in London and Switzerland. It is notoriously curious, but that goes by virtually unnoticed. Those who protect their language and culture do very well, but they have to start being aware that the war develops on other fronts within their own ranks. It is conveying the feeling that everything is under control, the corrupt are caught, but nothing is said of the corrupters and the mechanisms that they use. Yeah, okay, there is talk about the lobbies and their influence in the European Parliament, there is also talk about the SICAV and many other things, which ultimately people do not understand or do not know what to do to face it.


Feudalism is making its way, just need to privatize the healthcare system and when achieved, it will only have to lower taxes to ruin the Treasury and it’s all over, “democracy” is kaput. We’ll have to go crawling to kiss some rich ass, we’ll have to beg for a crust or a crumb, we’ll have to meet at the door of the mosque, to see if we can catch a few coins thrown into the air, just to turn us away from their path, while ironically they add points on their own celestial notebook.

Tyranny awaits us just around the corner and comes on the heels of our best ally: the United States, what a novelty. Turns out (many Europeans ignore this), in the “land of liberty”, there is no “left wing”, the average American does not know what anarchism is or confuses it with terrorism; communists and socialists are conspicuous by their absence, because of the anti-Soviet media blitz that has suffered the population from the 30s, so the power is fought over alternately by the extreme-right wing, under the pseudonym of “Republicans” (we could call them Nazis without being severely mistaken) and the center-right wing are those who present themselves as “democrats”. This is not something trivial, without any importance, just the opposite: America’s financial elite knows that “the left” retains a certain aura of respectability in Europe and I suspect this raising Golem, even uglier than the capitalist one, on the Southern shore of the Mediterranean, is the final maneuver to “making us talk sense”.


European governments have already signed the TTIP; but that does not mean that European citizens cannot delegitimize their leaders at the ballot box, something simply impossible for North-Americans.