World Cup

No doubt, I must be alien. One of those who do not even know that they are, the result of a secret experiment, where intensive brainwashing, have allowed me to live and mingle with humans. Either that or the rest of the world is crazy. In any case I can not imagine what kind of spectacle would be necessary to mount so that the struggle for human rights for example, could obtain a popular response as loud and forceful, as when it wins the semi-final of a world cup.
It would take a great media support, so that the whole world got excited with the gestures, at close-up and in slow-motion, of more than one businessman or financial speculator, handcuffed and in the dock of a court. We do not deceive ourselves, when it comes on television about equality, social rights or economic equilibrium , the hearing is equivalent to the broadcast of a secondary regional football game, as much.
It would take a lot of money, which in the case of this football world cup, gets out from the pocket of all, as in the case of the pope’s impending visit, invited by a group of local businessmen, event in which the eighty percent of expenditure, are borne by the public treasury. However, the economic crisis appears only when we talk about job stability or social justice, in these cases, the money has owner, it’s theirs. I remember having heard in the TV the sarcasm “profits are private but losses are public,” which pretty well sums up the absurd situation where we are, however neither this allegation nor one of those of Michael Moore in his movie “Capitalism: A Love Story”, will get an echo comparable to that of a semi-final.
I saw the match, both teams played very well, was very animated, they both deserved to win, how good and how beautiful. But I can not find it as stimulating as to lose sense of reality, is a game and a business, nothing more. I can understand what is passion, not a rational thing and can become uncontrollable, it really bothers me is ignorance as to why, the most relevant issues do not raise the same expectation.
As a result of trivial result of a football game, was disturbed significantly the public order, there were traffic accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and surely some ethyl coma, but media has no given figures, because there is no negative evaluation and much less economical. Interestingly, if such chaos had taken over the city for more relevant reasons, more committed, riot police would have acted and the next day would have been systematically demonized by the media.
Ultimately the aliens exist and they are here, I’m one of them.