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When the sacred months have passed, slay the infidels wherever you find them. capture them! besiege them, ambush them everywhere! But if they repent and establish worship and pay the zakat, then leave them alone! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. “(Sura 9-5, “the sword”, the Koran).

When Europe is finally free of the Inquisition, of aristocratic privilege and military dictatorships, now that the people of arab world dare to face their leaders, in these moments when the only enemy in front of us is the Grand Bank, the Sura 9-5 is now the workhorse on which some enlightened gallop, but it may be that they only  are vulgar employees highly paid, of some Machiavellian agency.

Die killing a lot. Sounds like desperation, like to be cornered, a victory without triumph, but above all like calculated cruelty, without tomorrow no pity or guilt, no pain, just a fulminant second  and the end of several days of hellish anguish, despite the heaven promised. The survivors, most probably also guilty of eating a hamburger with a Scottish surname, of not asking to the bank in which sort of things invests their savings and aswell  of working more hours than they should, they will never understand, like the rest of the world, what the fuck has passed. No more message that fear and the truth is that it works, as active principle, it acts quickly and penetrates deeply, however it has very harmful side effects: stimulates the secretion of large amounts of sociopathogens as hatred and resentment, so it is very inadvisable its use.

The intellectual leaders, those who not exploit, obviously not intended to bring heaven to earth, only seek retaliate on people as anonymous as the victims of our wars in their own countries. It is true that we permanently forget that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere, although this does not justify anything, shows a blatant nonsense, indeed the world is undergoing an alarming process of deregulating the labor market and the critical consequences of financial waste, but at other times less severe  no one can say that the people of the so-called rich countries have shown signs of interest for the people of  third countries, with few exceptions woefully insufficient.

They may see themselves as a kind of antibiotic medication to a sick society, given the indiscriminate treatment, but is obvious that it can not kill a concept  or destroy a way of living, killing people in bulk, so as they are not stupid nor naive only is possible to think that they have very bad temper, despite mystics they want to seem. Perhaps the real goal is just a mere provocation, after all  to Western demons,  these facts come down pat,  to raise decrepit dogmas and other archaic fallacies. In any case, if  someone  believes that a ratio of 30 / 1 is a statistical success in the context of this secret war, is not taking into account that in addition to the indeterminate number of new enemies created,  likely a large part of the victims were not exactly enemies, so that the total number of suckers per square meter actually fluctuates upward. I do not understand what is the advantage, surely many Muslims neither.

It seems that everything is a matter of interpretation, “the sacred months” in the famous Sura refer to a time of cessation of the perpetual hostilities in the area, agreed by the Arab tribes and cities and which coincides with the festivities in honor of local gods during which trade fairs were happening all along the caravan routes. They began in March in Dumat al-Chandal, from April to July in the Persian Gulf coast, from August to November in Yemen and Hadramawt and November to December in Hichaz and Palestine. Commercial interests often incited to those who controlled a particular route, to promote the Bedouin raids against other routes, in order to make to see that hers was more secure, “competitiveness” was not then something as sophisticated as today day. It was happening that there were always people among the worshipers of God Almaqah of Sheba, or the god Suwa of  the Hudayl or  Hubal of the tribe of Kalb, or Yaqut of  the  Murad or Yauq, god of the  Hamdan, or god Nasr of the Du-l-kila in Yemen, to name a few, all of them ready to ruin the celebrations of the gods of the other clans, alone or in alliance with Nestorian Christians, Jews or Byzantines.

” Do not kill them if they accept  pray and give alms” I think it is a form of proselytizing by the sword more than questionable and the explanation for the unusual speed with which Islam spread. But this is nothing new, Christians also forged empires by the grace of God, the Bible is littered with quotes that fit perfectly in the Qur’an, Muhammad respected the book really, and he understood its value as a social binder, but despised Christianity and primarily Judaism  because its representatives certainly did not meet their own precepts. Neither complied specifically with this Sura the misnomer of “Islamists” of the 11M and 11S , becouse the months of March and September are two of the “sacred months “, but of course always there is an “aleya” to which it can resort: “they ask you for the sacred month, for the war on it. Say: A fight is a serious sin, but  go out from the path of God, being unfaithful to him and the holy mosque, ousting her devotees, is more serious for God … “(2.214 / 217). Obviously again are pointing specific historical events, so make use now of this verse is  taking things out of context, is the bad of the sacred books, which they can be very elastic.

Bibliography:  “the originis of Islam” by Juan Vernet.