Demons from yesterday and today (II)


Few people, of course, still believe in demons of supernatural type, as I mentioned last month, in practice the only ones left are the famous “official” demons, which are essentially those which the established order sees as particularly pernicious for markets .These demons, beyond their evil reality, are mediatic beings, ie, the essence of their being it is highly owed essentially to the media and cinema what almost always give extensive coverage to financial interests. It is a similar phenomenon but opposite sign, in the case of the ancient deities, which today are manifested as the great figures of the show or sport, exponents of the sacrosanct competitiveness, ready to conquer the world and universally adored by all. There is a lot of mysticism in all of this, it is probably what John Lennon meant when he said “the Beatles are more famous than Jesus Christ” .

Fame is a powerful voodoo, economic and social success is the magic which we are seduced with by these idols that the audience erects, in short, patterns to follow, so we do not even have to ask ourselves how we must be . When I see young and not so young proud to wear the shirt of a football club, although they have not with what to fill the belly, I do not know why it comes to my mind, madnesses as those unleashed during the evangelisation epochs, large-scale illusions as the “Roman Pax” or the “American dream” and then I think that football is a mirage too pathetic to deserve being called the “European dream”, but it is all there is. Anyway, it is the empire of a way of life, the old consumption society, which at the moment for example, doesn´t care that jobs vanish in Western society , perhaps because the priority is that emerging countries reach soon to that critical mass of middle class that makes useless the strikes , propagates the official terrors and makes it difficult to thrive this bitter awakening we call disenchantment, but give it time to time.

The mafias, as satanic entities has had its highlights, but they are not frightening enough for industry, always in pursuit of the impact and eager for novelties, given the excellent status enjoyed in the economic and social reality, corruption is already an institution as we all know and although it is expected that the rise of fascism “revitalize” the acquis of the scriptwriters, Islam continues to provide to the media, sufficient grounds for many films of explosions, pain and blood, effusions which are always economically nutritious, although traditionally the eternal “official demon”, ahead of communism, is still other.

Yesterday without going further, in the first chapter of the new season of the television series “Defiance” (which otherwise has an interesting soundtrack), right in the beginning, disguised as irony and suitably out of context can be heard “… a village full of anarchists, dissatisfied and wild people …. “. Do not think it’s possible to calculate the number of mentions, not only cinematographic, where this line of thinking is used as an analogy of violence and chaos, we’ve all heard more than once “the country was plunged into anarchy” or “this (whatever) only leads to anarchy”. For some reason there are not many movies with “anarchist” characters, maybe they do not need them or perhaps it could be counterproductive, who knows. In any case although happens that for some people can be tempting, especially at certain ages, assume the official label in order to feel naughty and dangerous, as far as I know when the media says that Durruti were armed to work, very often the media forget to mention that at that time the employer hired murderers to kill trade unionists at the exit of the factory as today hires criminals to destroy administratively what remains of labor law.

In resume, the writer Almudena Grandes expressed this very well, not long ago saying something like “… the Spaniards, for afraid of return to the Republic, we have gone back to the time of the chiefs …”. This is somehow what I’m talking about, is one of the consequences of media pressure: the demonization of certain ideas, determinate abstract concepts that are being systematically stigmatized forever in the collective imagination, outlaw somehow for future generations, those who devilishly insist, in doing resurrect them, again and again.