From cannibalism to capitalism VIII

The Gods III.

There are many gods, too many surely, probably as many as devotees, because everyone appreciates in more or less measure a different aspect of the object of their devotion, it is for that reason that there are many virgins and Christs, it is the motive for that gods have got so many epithets. Before the use of writing, the stories were memorized, there were professional counters of stories, they were people generally highly acclaimed, which counted the adventures of heroes and scoundrels, love stories, about great battles, and wonderful things or calamities without story, where always involved the gods. Or at least that is what have come  to us(and this is the suspect)through the priests and scribes, once the deed was no longer just a way to count measures of wheat and pots of butter . Since human beings first appeared between -300000 and -150000, northern Africa, it is in any of the banks of the great lakes what was the Sahara at that time, where we should perhaps seek some trace of the activity of the celestial creators. Urululla, “the city of another time,” where the gods came, expelled for unknown reasons (we can speculate on the Flood or Atlantis or anything else) at inmemorial time  (ultu Ulla). The gods came from elsewhere (not from another planet, cosmic order, dimension, parallel universe, etc..) this is not a rare thing, for example, Zeus came to Greece from the next island of Crete.
Although they usually use to descend from the sky (and they ascend to there, in fact they come and go) in their carriages or in their golden and shiny birds, they originally arrived by sea, to Mesopotamia and Egypt at least (at meso-america too), places that are distinct from any other place by the abundance of mud, flooded lands and tropical climate, seems to they liked the moisture.
Without going any further, although he had several sites to choose, the god Enki planted  his home between the reeds in a marsh at Eridú, (Despite of the gnats and other disgusting bugs that should have there) though then he turned into a great pond full of fish for fishing. OANNES (U-anna), one of seven beings (Abgallu, Apkallu: ab = water, Gal = big, lu = man, great man aquatic) sent by Enki to civilizing humanity. He is described wearing a suit of fish skin and a sort of helmet with shape of fish head, suggesting perhaps a domain of the liquid element beyond the sails and cordage. About this  “great fish man” besides we know , that he was not teaching all the time, to the people of the “black heads”, when the evening came, he submerged in the sea, disappearing into the deep until the next morning. Later, the cult of the Sumerian “fish man” also had much success with the relatively distant tribes Phoenicians, where he was adored as Dagon. Moreover, also draws attention the curious tail of fish that the god Vishnu wears in the role of keeper or preserver of mankind, when he saved us from the Great Flood. In various other mythologies, from which the Greek is perhaps the best example, the gods have been located in the mountains, also certain Semitic tribes used to go to high ground to enter in contact with the divinity ( Abraham, Moses, etc..) and in the northern hemisphere, between the Celtic tribes and arias, are not uncommon beliefs related to sacred trees and mountains. Some predinastic kingdoms from the low Egypt, recognized the god mountain “Ha”. So much so that even within the Mesopotamian mythology speaks of the “cosmic mountain” and the “sacred tree”, but almost certainly they are additions of Semitic origin, the Sumerian culture was not at all, from the kind of syncretistic culture but cumulative, they would prefer simply add to replace.

Today, the old gods are found in almost all in the sky, waiting for the end of the world, in order to come out again. This hypothetical date, has caused many controversies and speculations, crimes mass and both individual and collective suicides. The term “heaven”, given the level of knowledge attained by man on the physical environment through science, now just has a metaphysical dimension, which maybe quantum mechanics may help us understand some day.