I have discovered with surprise and some displeasure that a large number of anthropologists and paleo-specialists are real freaks of the competitiveness,  as those marketing magicians who are wrecking the financial system. They say we are very social animals what it has marked so far our biological evolution, so that from that fear to predators and starvation have taken a back seat, since then, having no other species to fight, we just put ourselves to competing against ourselves. What annoys me is the ease with which they express their views, which are nothing else because they admit to not being sure even how to define a species. The expert opinion can become a weapon in the wrong hands and as in the case of Nietzsche, to be misinterpreted. Ultimately the anthropology is a specialization of (pre)historic researchs , that is, is not a science, even if they performed statistical studies, although theoretically make use of logic and they handle with technological tools .

I’m not questioning the fact that competition and society are closely interlinked, do not question the fact that bullies and scoundrels through fear have been perpetuated at the head of society since time immemorial, I wonder when terms as human , humanity, humanism, ceased to be related to the fraternity and collaboration. Anthropology is, always has been  controversial, so much so that the professionals are reluctant to enter into certain aspects of the subject, for fear of adding fuel to the fire, issues such as the disparity in the shape of prehistoric skulls  found, some brachycephalic and others dolichocephalic, an argument that racists love.


Other types of hominids, perhaps our ancestors, lived all his life in highly competitive and hierarchical societies and became extinct, why then is want to see the competitiveness in our society as an element of evolutionary progress?, Is it not perhaps a ballast ?. We should give a chance to the individual, we are not gregarious animals although I admit the force of society and its advantages, I personally think that it should be eased the pressure of the others, the rest of us, over the individual and give to ourselves more space. Human consciousness should be taken more into account, although we do not know what is, we not yet fully understand how an electrochemical process in our brain become in a psychic ability, it is clear that is a subjective process, from the individual, which enables us to go beyond traditions, fashion, sports of masses (or for the masses) and even war; enables us to decide at the expense of the official lines or whatever is the dominant thought in society, which is no small thing.

To be primates, we are very weird monkeys, this is recognized by the experts themselves, in fact this is the main problem, we are not easy to be categorized, we are mammals is quite obvious, but it is not clear why we have forehead, chin and nose unlike other primates. No doubt somebody will deduct these morphological changes of our manual skills, postural mechanisms or whatnot, but even so it will always have a difficult problem, the time factor, because it is unlikely that in the span of just four hundred of thousand years, an insignificant figure in evolutionary terms, Homo ergaster (or erectus, but that’s another debate) so radically changed of appearance. The feeling is that something is missing in our prehistory and it will not be the damned competitiveness.