In the afternoon, drinking coffee, we had been discussing about the recent labor reform, my interlocutor, a small businessman and me, I mainly wanted to understand the relationship between the underpricing of dismissal and job creation, an inscrutable sophistry. He merely stated his reasons that were ultimately the interests of a small bourgeois, I must say that after all, he was only the owner of a subcontract of a contract of a powerful company and I could not clearly tell him that in my view, he was representing, the executor instrument for firms to circumvent the requirements on safety and hygiene, disarming the unions and generally getting more precarious working conditions of workers.

At one point, this guy’s wife with the intention to change the subject or perhaps driven by boredom, she suggested to take a drink during a Parcheesi game, which immediately was supported by mine, with pretended enthusiasm that actually answered probably at the same momentum that of the former. We were trying on the hypothetical benefits of competitiveness, another unfathomable enigma of business that however he seemed to understand perfectly, when was interrupted the conversation. It suddenly occurred to me that I could utilize that game, clearly competitive, so I prepared myself to make an experiment.

I said nothing to anyone and I just play, but they realized the strategy, was too obvious, while they furiously chased each other, pretending cannibal ferocity, which in reality is in great part the “grace” of the game, I was passing between them as if on tiptoe, avoiding to eat no one, which caused a small debate about the legality of my policy of non-aggression, fleeting, because they immediately believed to see this attitude, as an advantage to them.
I have no idea if the experiment may have value as evidence, maybe none, as one of those miracles of faith that are basically just a string of circumstances, the fact is that, against all odds, I won the game, however I could not avoid that my sloes liqueur seemed to me more refreshing and aromatic than usual.