Supreme Judges vs. not so supreme Judges.

Today, fans of dictators, torturers and murderers, who have them, are worried about their future, so that they put complaints against judges who pursue those crimes, in open struggle against the impunity, a chimera, outside the rule of law it seems, although is yet to see how it ends the case, it is clear that supporters of the tough hand do not want that the perpetrators of genocide can to be  treated harshly.

Interestingly, dictators have always played the same role as the protectors of this ruinous financial system, technically based on friendshipism (favouritism with the friends), which has brought us the “crisis” and that really just is proving to be, the unwarranted suction of public funds by the insatiable private economic sector. Thinking that these phenomena have some type of relationship would be somewhat paranoid, like trying to link it with the recent political activism of the Church or the unfortunate rise of xenophobia.

Thinking that the dictatorship has any future in the present order of things, when happily are given military solutions to problems such as maritime piracy or the conflict of Afghanistan,  immersed as we are in a system with a trade union consciousness that tolerates  contracts of twenty minutes, Who needs it?, is something without any sense, however if we continue squeezing out the current situation, we can not predict what will happen when humans reach, once again,  the highest levels of the misery.