Zoon Politikon &II

“Art. 29. When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties.” (Declaration des droits de l’homme, Robespierre 1792.

Capitalism is a Golem to the service itself, a malicious djinn without owner, a stupid zombie who devours to itself, however also effectuates thorough market researches and  makes financial balance sheets. Communism was hurt of death by Stalin, killed by the Khmer Rouge later and now decomposes miserably, while the Socialists everywhere escape from the stench, seeking shelter under the economic liberalism, which not smell better but at least, although in a spasmodic way , still moves. Anarchism will not know what it is. According to the official version is a dangerous philosophy that covers the disorder, crime and chaos. Eliminated by the Soviets in Russia, by the Communists in Spain at the beginning of the civil war, in the United States since Andrew Johnson, and so on, everywhere, has been demonized until the nausea, sometimes it can be very useful to have a devil to blame. Anarchism in fact  remains essentially the opponent of despotism, the spirit of workers’ assemblies.

The labor organizations were born more or less spontaneously during the industrial revolution after the dismantling of the guild structure, typical of the old mercantilist capitalism, as a result of the evident greed of economic liberalism, as its karma, the popular uprisings generally are proportionate according to the magnitude of injustice, so that were resolutely violent, as  said the song of Kiko Veneno “I would not be so Russian, if you were not so American”.  A mid-century of the lights, the importation of slaves had reached  an industrial scale and its benefits were listed along with those of coffee, cotton, sugar, indigo and cocoa.

The  new “liberal” capitalists,  were never enthusiastic about the idea, but the dreadful famines that shook France forced the people, though poorly organized to show the teeth to power. People obviously insane, uncontrolled wild, threw their shoes with a brutal anger among the gears of helpless machines, and has since been coined the terrible term “sabotage” (from the French sabot, shoe), a word equivalent to treason, a dirty trick of the highest caliber; about the fact of getting rich at the expense of hunger and despair of others, the dictionary has not  learned anything so round.

The precursor of this type of anti-capitalist actions was the semi-mythical Ned Ludd, the founder of  the “luddism” which has nothing to do with the love to gambling. It was a popular movement that in addition to leaving a trail of destroyed factories, kept  at bay for a few years to an army of ten thousand soldiers in England. All insurrections were massacred, also in France, but this was not forgotten, as made clear the subsequent invention of the guillotine. The French Revolution is a crucial event in history, the world has no memory of anything like this and should never forget it; traditional authority was abolished, freedom imposed (the “mountain” that is, the group of Danton, Marat and Robespierre, called  this “the despotism of freedom”) and the first human rights charter was written with blood. Armed citizens, bricklayers, employed, whores, accounting officers, were able to defeat the experienced Austrian forces, when they wanted to exploit the situation. In a way, this consciousness of its own power that keeps the French people, is still evident even today in the streets. But economic liberalism, unleashed, at that moment,  brought the ruin to the revolution that stayed just in a republic after trying be an empire, with Napoleon. Jean Cocteau will say, much later, “No revolution remains pure more than fifteen minutes”.

Thereafter, as a necessary evil, the concept of workers’ organization  would be grudgingly accepted, after all, in exchange for a few crumbs, it could be set limits as wide as desired   and in any case say it is good to have close the friends and even more the enemies.
Given that initially workers lacked  law firms, advisers cabinets and even in too many cases, of culture, only managed to have the right to be oportunely trampled by the authority, to earn poverty wages and enjoy endless work shifts.

Since then, the elite, to avoid production stops, I mean, the stop of increment of his profits, gradually has been able, in different ways,  to control the unions, dividing them into a party system, subsidizing to them and establishing  regulated strikes with minimum services  to ensure the futility of the strike, so that today are little more than any institution, another Administration department . During a conversation, a colleague told me, some time ago, very satisfied “… no other way, you can not go about doing experiments with the economy …” as if the current system was an exact science and not an experiment, one more, is not the first. Nor the good Henry George, neither much later Keynes and many others  have not found the formula of socioeconomic balance, Adam Smith himself, before writing the apology of financial profligacy that would make him famous, drew up the Theory of Moral Sentiments, a manual of ethics that excluded economic relations, as if they were outside the set of human behaviors. You can not ignore that capitalism requires, unfortunately, that someone be exploited for the benefit of others and although is hard to admit it, is a fact that, eventually,capitalism needs of war and slavery to survive. Each and every one that we benefit from this scheme of things, we more or less responsible for the suffering of others. Do not worry, I’m not  Islamist.

Today we assist to the phenomenon called “globalization” is nothing more than an attempt to set a global bank super structure , they want the single currency, assuming that the monetary parity  will make  more efficiently the control of  the flow of capitals, which is likely. It is not less true, moreover, that in this way is achieved universalize (economic Catholicism ?) And the perpetuation of the current ways, a kind of imperialism definitive.  I already seem to be seeing people disgustingly rich, surrounding themselves  with slaves so rich who immediately will make the whole world to want to abolish liberty, we look forward to slavery, we will hate to have absurd rights and we’ll continue believing that  we are very clever.

Today the money is an algorithm derived from a handful of variables such as production and consumption, ie no physical support such as gold for mercantilism, large-scale economy is an esoteric and dark science , in the hands of a new kind of magicians apparently without scruples. Keynes, in the early of twentieth century, faced uselessly to the problem of speculation, suggesting some kind of supervision or institutional control, but it would be transfering power to politicians, which and I agree  at this point, could be extremely dangerous, given the ilk of staff performing this function in the current order of things, it is also a futile effort since the states are now permanently in debt, they are too much economically dependent of those who are supposed to have to monitor on, so the game rules are actually very similar to those from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, they are just “guidelines.”

This opaque global elite in its sickly rationality, it can be assumed that based on secret investigations, about  public issues have already developed evolutionary graphs and conceived drastic solutions below, to the imminent overpopulation, nothing new; wars, epidemics, that sort of ancient instruments that used the gods when they felt, from time to time, we were too noisy and although these systems control the population of those who speak the ancient texts were  exclusively for divine use, they were used then by the monarchies, so why not now by the bourgeois elite. Anyway, with a bit of luck,  climate change becomes glaciation and so they would save having to manage a new genocide. Indeed, it is likely that the emerging climate change is inevitable natural phenomenon, about which, the propaganda blames the people and cows, with the probable intention to apply worldwide, a new tax on our ability to pollute, which I do not know how, the cows going to be able to pay .

Capitalism has been developing since its inception, an ambiguous set of values, despite the extensive use that it makess of the word “free” (free love, free market, Cubalibre), in reality encourages subservience (“the customer is always right “) if not outright slavery (” The boss is always right “), lately it is put forward  and cynically trying to foster synergy within companies (where the real benefits are purely private and only the shadow of a decrease represents the automatic dismissal). Synergy  belongs to a cooperativist dialectic (where benefits are shared), one of the worst devils of the moral of capitalism.

Despite having more than enough evidence that we are being cheated, the monstrous propaganda machine constantly aligns our limited  benchmarks and set parasitic behavior models, to an entire legion of admirers of luxury, would-be new rich, ready to emulate the vices of the power (must be admitted that the bourgeois vices are the best,  workers  have the exhausting habit of work). Very few people stop to think how many sacrifices have been necessary, even how many lives has cost this or that article  so fashionable. It is very difficult to fight against the constant barrage of archetypes. One of the most harmful side effects at present of this form of mass psychological medication, is that most people disregard the value of work and just want to be like the glamorous characters on TV. This loss of vitality of society is something that would have been horrified to the own Adam Smith.

His followers, of course, do not have the same prejudices, so they take the work to places where slavery is still possible, or they cause the shortage of grain for human consumption, hoarding the world’s production to invest it in the biodiesel industry, or it sends UN troops to bring order to an African region and end just on the other side of the country’s,  protecting the coltan mines essential for the multibillion-dollar cell phone industry. Now they are trying doing us to believe that Somali piracy is an offshoot of Al Qaeda, looking for a good cause to act in  strongest terms, is much cheaper  for the industry,if the military attend this problem, in that way we all pay the costs of the new adventure, besides, Who will supply the ammunition?.

None of this is a secret, but while we are absorbed in our own navel, endless gross injustices go unnoticed before our eyes continuously, cleverly packaged between huge amounts of phosphorescent banalities, as it did with the subprime mortgages .

Meanwhile, society is slowly awakening, the Greeks have already tried his little  Revolution and now French people face to the power in a struggle of attrition that it will be difficult to win unless things get very ugly again . The popular argument is of a logic of justice: must pay those who have caused the problem: banks. It would not hurt either  that the political class would give an example of austerity, for not doing their homework and then ultimately, if necessary, they could request our help, that of the citizens, this one, should be the correct order the chain of responsibilities.

“Keep Spending most our lives living in the Gangsta’s Paradise” how  I think the song of Coolio said. We need transparency in the dealings, in the transactions, in the negotiations, in the objectives.

Although the Grand Banking keeps an appearance of solidity, in fact the common interest that moves them, the object of his desire, keeps splitted them and are always  to the brawl. What makes them dangerous is their ability to create genocidal monsters practically from the nothing and in any case today’s technology provides  weapons of  deterrence and to mass control, really hallucinatory.

Maybe it’s time to change strategy, the path of the arms race is not a path, but we must not give up. As a species we have more than 150,000 years here and there, despite the hostility of the natural environment, despite the caddish tricks that we make each other, one could say that mankind has grown at a rate of about 40,000 people a year which is not much but we have not become extinct, many species have disappeared at that period of time, nothing mysterious in many cases, incidentally. In short, it is high time that the economic and social pyramid transform into something more like a donut.