Somewhere I read that the business world has their Bibles, their sacred texts and as I am fond of the mythologies, was not going to pass up the opportunity to have a look at one of these writings of the mystical materialism. I picked one, easy to read, written on bamboo leaves 2500 years ago, no larger than the instruction manual of the roaster, consists of thirteen briefest chapters, the size would not be the problem, the problem is that the book requires an effort of meditation and reinterpretation additional .

“The Art of War” by General Sun Tzu, is edited with the subtitle “oriental wisdom to guide you to face the problems of daily life” which already gives an idea that a too literal reading is useless, In the back of the cover it reads “know the enemy as yourself” is wise counsel no doubt, but it scares a bit, is aimed at corporate executives and I suspect the enemy is not the businessmen of other companies, the enemy seems to be the citizens, the consumers. We’ll see, I do not want to start reading with too much prejudices in the head.