strict catatonic marasmus



We have a clumsy politicians and people choose awkwardly between a mediocre spectrum of possibilities largely dominated by opportunists. But never mind anyway, now the world is subject to the financial corporations that earn a million per hour without creating a single job  and without producing anything at all. Only thanks to this monstrous factory in which is becoming the whole Asia, it can be meet the needs of manufactured products, those that before were made in a now increasingly de-industrialized West. But no matter, no one is concerned that in China has been seen nets on some streets, where there are office buildings to discourage the people from jumping through windows. Do not stop the music, the show must go on. Meanwhile, the flagship project of the European Community, the first fusion reactor,  is being built by a Korean subcontractor despite the terrific percentage of  unemployment..

The new emerging world and the old dying reverberate in sad tune. The bad manners are perpetuating  themselves and renewing old trades like those priceless sneaks of any dictatorship that price, now with that bright and digital aura that provides Internet. Everyone can be Smith  in this universe, Matrix style, with a simple phone call we can report activities that we do not like from neighbors and co-workers to private companies that sell this information to our valued businessmen and political leaders. Our security, our privacy is privatized and thus at risk of triggering the paranoia we must try do not to misfit to anyone.

  Although there is no politicians afire  in a funeral pyre as prophesied  “Twenty first century schizoid man” of King Crimson. Sovereignty exercises like that of Iceland citizen, should be an example to the world and the Mediterranean area in particular, but it is not being so, instead of putting bankers in jail, our governments give them our pensions and instead of forcing the resignation of the government in order to call new elections, we let the future of our children in the claws of financial companies. Something we are not doing well, but what we do not do, either well or bad, is to think, we just let ourselves go, giving up the battle beforehand. Lorazepam for all, invites the pharmaceutical industry. I wonder if individually, each of us should make an effort towards consistency, make real our thoughts as far as we can, doing what we consider right, without waiting for others to do so, without expect the society mobilization, but I fear that amid so much nonsense and lack of scruples, just the thought of think by ourselves,  seems too radical to also require us to act accordingly, perhaps we should go mad of once for all, doing something to leave the state of paralysis in which the entire population of this country is found. Really discovering the truth, realizing that we have been and still are being cheated instead of wake up and sharpen us , it  has induced us a coma, a lethargy between stupefaction and nausea of what it seems that we will not leave, with or without a financial bailout. Maybe we need a couple of slaps, but not even want to think what this can mean.