Do meditate damned!!!

The Board of Elections a bit in a ramshackle way, decided to ban the concentrations from  the 15M during the day of reflection (the previous day of the votes day), political parties agreed to declare unlawful the crowds in public spaces, something unusual for those who boast  of Democratic , fortunately  someone moved the case to the Court ultimately and the party system in that way achieved get out unscathed, obviously when the courts were to pronounce will have spent the day of reflection. But,  what kind of reflection is possible when all the public space is wallpapered, ad nauseum, with electoral propaganda?

Politicians are there, wrapped in his little world of methodical verbal confrontations and bombastic campaigns, hoping to pass the tide, while people looks out the world  like years ago looked out  through the window, they start listening to each other and make decisions without consulting to “the authorities”, among other things because they have lost the authority that only gives the respect.

If the situation goes to more, we will see unexpected situations in a state of law, as is seen in other parts of the world, but although each country is trying to link the demonstrations effects just to its own surroundings, are now, and indeed thus is how should be, a phenomenon that transcends borders, apparently oblivious to any policy guidelines and with the potential to become something more than a sophisticated way of saying that we  are up to the hilt.

At the end,  the urns’ spectacle is like Eurovision, people vote more to the flag, than to the song or artist and more against than in favor of anyone, perhaps for that reason the more capable do not present themselves for election. In any case the result was more a big punch in the face for the government that an election result.  People like this system, is comfortable and although these rudder strokes greatly slows our social evolution, they demarcate the direction and width of the floor, like the sticks of a blind from one side to  another, while we are moving towards not really is known where. In general other choices, other paths are ignored, remain hidden, as if they were not there, as if the only truth will be found delimited between the increasingly narrow line that separates the current political choices.

The burden of comfort is intense, somebody called poetically to the absurd becoming of the world, “the wind of time”, because it takes people from one place to another as fallen leaves, referring to the patent fact that nobody owns your circumstances , a detestable comment, because gives beauty to something of which we perhaps should be ashamed.