Conditio sine qua non

We are  ignorant. Really life is too short, so that without proper education, we must learn to live pretending we know what we do, I do not exclude of this statement to the experts, academics, scientists and even the most perky entrepreneurs. Da Vinci pass for a kind of multidisciplinary genius. Today, he really would be frustrated enough, given the complexity that sciences have achieved, generally, require much specialization. Samuel Noah Kramer is an honest and intelligent scholar (in Assyriology), which has burned his eyelashes studying and he express it, saying of himself that he is probably “One of the men who know most of  less things “.

Knowing with certain detail the history,  provides us the benchmarks needed to address consistently the future, although this would not be enough, I suspect that in education, more important even than the content would be the manner, I mean, people do not hate culture, hate the way that they have to acquire it, and this is enough evident in Andalusia, which is one of the  largest parts and most populous of Spain (Al Andalus not Spain, was its arab name). Also one of the poorest, by concrete historical reasons and one of the most proud however, it does not quite know why, ” flamenco music“, “Picasso“, the “Alhambra” … no shortage of reasons but they are no more than unconnected implants in the recent collective memory, juxtaposed fragments (*) that resonate in the millenial  vacuum, resulting from the lack of common history of a people.  It does not exist such vaunted Andalusian character, mainly because  Andalusia does not exist.

This, although I say it is true, it is not exact, “nothing is lie or true  but of the color of the glass through we look “(has rhyme in spanish), nothing is by definition in no way, everything is possible and is only that some things are more possible than others. Today the image of this land is the paradise of corruption, which is not absolutely true as you can imagine, is another implant. Speaking of  “implant” I come to refer to the proved fact : the concepts are set in the memory much better if they go accompanied by a sensation, although this is something that is already known from ancient, under the old barbarian expression “the rod and spoil “(**). Actually the truth is that learning is much more effective if it is associated with a good feeling. That is why it is not enough to deploy a lot of information, the recipient must feel attracted by it.

The lack of memory is not a local problem, not even a problem in itself, is clearly a symptom of forgetfulness, better said, of ignorance that certain human generations, at certain times have imposed to the following,  apropos or by negligence and generally, because knowing the history rarely was useful to eat.

I say that ignorance is not a problem which it is and very big, because in principle although there are no inherited virtuous behaviors yet there are no vices, and theoretically provides a splendid blank page on which you can write whatever you want. The trouble is that in practice the various authors of this work alive, those who have been writing since the beginning of time, have not worried that it likes the public at all. Personally I prefer stories that end well, I mean, I like fiction, although I’m not enjoying so much with this creepy Global World of captains of industry and financial speculation, bent on building in stone over wood foundation, nor with the deaf war  of an Europe depressed by profit margins, neither with this Andalusía encysted of religion and cockiness. In fact I think that the end of this story is getting pretty predictable.

The human being is individual and unique even though suffers the gregarious education,  his nature, his own limits and capabilities, distinguish him from the rest, but also to some extent this nature joins him with the community, depending on the degree of empathy of each one, of the hormone levels, age and many other factors seemingly random, yet seem to exist in the brain some structures called mirror neurons which are responsible among other things that sometimes we are able to anticipate a response to a question which has not been formulated yet, as if we read the minds of our interlocutor, somehow allow us to “understand” in an intuitive non-rational way, that surrounds us, not just our neighbors. Finally, it is likely that after all there are, apparently, certain unsuspected communication channels unintentional, subtle biological mechanisms that connect in some way to all living beings.

Theorists of a “Universal Consciousness” speculate on a certain complementarity in the sensory, which is considered as a phenomenon arising from the existence of an entity in a parallel dimension, which is the result of the sum or average of moods of all staff, with which we interact constantly in a unintentional way, however all of this sounds to me a little as the collective universe Borg of Star Trek.

Inasmuch as we are social animals, we urgently need new methods to education, more playful, this does not mean we have to put slot machines in high schools, I mean it is essential that students find more interesting and enjoyable  attending classes than they truant, or go to school reluctantly. However this does not solve the underlying problem, if when they must join the workforce,  they crash in the current hostile environment dominated by interest, without any specific meaning apart from the exploitation and consumption. It is therefore imperative take some steps towards a different conception of existence that leads us to cooperate rather than compete, but for this we must involve ourselves voluntarily, lest we see us involved  involuntarily committed in an absurd megalomaniac order.

I’m not a millennarian, but I would like to believe that in this new century, with all this massive information we have, we will be able to leave the vicious circle in which we stay since more than two centuries ago. concretely since that the Banking Class  segregated us in the late eighteenth century from the enterprise that released to the common of mortals from psychological oppression of religion and from the physical pressure of the aristocracy, the society has been being leaded by people without any social project, apart of maintaining the calm sea in order to can fish at pleasure.

Each time, after the postwar depression, the traumatized society acquires a certain dynamism, life itself is defined by its eagerness to survive, although it has to move within the unworthy parameters of industry and commerce that we will progressively moving it away from reality, establishing  cardinal points, which carry from the work to home and vice versa, at best. Francis Bacon said with some sense: “Money is like muck, not good if it does not spread”,  in the line of this speech we should agree that whose turn it is the role of cow must enjoy good pasture. Today China is a hungry huge cow and the manure is piling up, no one knows exactly for what purpose. All this is very scatological, but the truth is that the economic bubble of the Roaring Twenties (years that were of speculation and financial concentration) led to the crack of the1929 and a few years later, a new war came full circle. It is evident that the manure is piling up and the base of the social pyramid is expanding, the situation does not seem be different from the years leading up to the last great war. However it is likely that there is no World War III, although following the U.S. new model,  there will be multiple consecutive mini-wars more or less distant, much like Korea, Vietnam or Afghanistan, so it is possible keep justifying costs on weapons so that do not stop money flowing from this kind of artesian  financing . The case of Afghanistan is particularly sodding , nor are clear the targets   neither the profits of maintaining the present situation. As a result of “protection” of the our guys of the NATO, the country has become the leading supplier of opium, so that the native rulers, aware about the low probability of future with  a source  income like this, instead of investing international aids and the benefits of traffic to improve the conditions of their countrymen, are opening private multimillion-dollar accounts, in banks in third countries.

The worst thing is that sometimes children learn quickly.

(*) Juxtaposed: a rare word that means, more or less, superimposed, intertwined but not well weaved, as a fabric … unfortunately written looks better  than it sounds , in fact is in complete disuse because it is a trap for dyslexics , which ends with becoming ease somewhat comical as “Juxtapoxt ” or ” Justapoxt”.(something like that, at least in spanish).

(**) I really do not know what it means, it is not the real translation of the spanish version ” the letter with blood gets inside”, but is the equivalent that always give the automatic translators. “the rod and spoil” in spanish gives “the bar and spoliation” what is very disconcerting, I suppose that it points to a story that I ignore.

Bibliography:  “Wellcome to your brain” by  Sandra Aamodt y Sam Wang.