Amazing, mind-bending, what a courage have the Somali pirates, kidnapping oil tankers, they must be crazy.

Most of the people don´t know what is happening in Africa, in reality we are unable to imagine it, despite the news and some documentary widely ignored. We are not interested, whatever is happening, it happens too far and however despite our emotional blindness, on our shores arrive corpses, not just boats.

For centuries the West has disrupted the social fabric and culture of Africa, first with slavery, religion and then later, in the nineteenth century, colonial imperialism, religion again and again slavery. Africa is a continent left to his fate, divided by artificial borders created a century ago by the industrial bourgeoisie in Europe, according to the agreement of Berlin in 1884. Just 33 years have passed since the end of decolonization that began in 1955 and, paradoxically, we ignore the problem as if the thing is not with us.

The cradle of humanity, is now the tomb of one and all of the fundamental human rights; a pattern of violence, famine and chronic diseases endless, shapes the reality of the continent which we were born, except for some remaining metropolis where survive the interests trade of the developed world, which only accentuates the overwhelming imbalance between its peoples. To make matters worse, climate change is drying up major lakes, which are in danger of disappearing in a matter of decades, which obviously won´t help to improve the situation. To Europeans, have sold us the image of Africa mysterious and exotic, dangerous and sensual, like in the Tarzan films, where the white man, (the oppressor), was a poor orphan, barely covered with a loincloth, lost in a vast land brutal, uncivilized, heathen, and that despite all this, he got to be respected by men and animals thanks to an invaluable strength and agility, plus a powerful throat of lush hues. Pure gloating because meanwhile cannons and rifles from Western civilizing, tried to slay the tribes of the Zulus whose were reluctant to lose their independence, in order to paving the way for the greed and speculation of traffickers and the clergy.
Now there is no need to kill them, because they are doing themselves, we just have to sell them weapons, so here the true nature of war is revealed in all its purity : an investment of which, somebody expects quick benefits, a business like any other, a commercial invention as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Now a handful of Somalis have directed their weapons against the commercial interests of the developed world rather than against themselves, after all maybe they are not so crazy, just desperate enough.

(interview with Mbuyi Kabunda Professor of International Relations at the University of Basel and member of the Institute of African Studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid.)
(The history of Europe is an incomplete story.)


From cannibalism to capitalism. X

When men exercised of gods III.

What are the economic actions applied by the president of the United States to stem the crisis? To find out, I typed in the browser “bush plans” and the first thing that comes out is this:
“Bush plan is the internet home of bush pilots, both new and experienced. We spent over two months in Alaska flying the best bush plans: Cessna, Piper, Beech, DeHavilland airplanes and other aircraft suitable for bush flying. ”

I had refine the search, so I added the word “crisis” and I got the following:

“WASHINGTON – The government with the weight of several options to ease the worst financial crisis in decades, according to a government fucionario. However, having more banks with bad debts, an idea that was brought on the stock market on Thursday, is not a certainty. ” (?).

The machines translation, though not very accurate, are always fun, at the end after a while of fruitless searches, in the newspaper Pravda online, I found this:

The plan for the crisis of Bush: The biggest transfer of cash in world history.

U.S.A. could learn from China

It’s been called “financial socialism”, “socialism for the rich” and “lemon socialism.” But what the Bush administration called “rescue” for financial institutions is the largest transfer of money from ordinary workers to the rich, in the history of the world.

The proposed program to buy a mountain of non-performing loans and other worthless assets of banks and finance companies will cost 700 billion dollars to 1 trillion.
This money comes from taxes on American taxpayers, most of whom are ordinary workers, around $ 2500 for each U.S. citizen will go to the hands of banks and financial companies.
The cost for each family of four will be around $ 10,000. This money could have been used for health care, to improve education, scientific research agenda for social care, for environmental protection; or a thousand other useful social purposes.

Alternatively, it could be used to cut taxes of ordinary people, or even to help them buy their homes. In its place he is donating to banks and financial companies whose managers and owners are among the richest in the world. These measures represent a massive redistribution of wealth from the working poor to the rich.

Learning from China

The argument of the Bush administration – faithfully repeated by the media in the U.S. – there is no other way. ” The idea is that the system of the USA, and the jobs of workers in the U.S. included, can be safeguarded only through this transfer of cash to banks.

In fact, this argument is incorrect.

The government must act to protect obviously banking and finance in an economic crisis of this magnitude. But if banks are ruined or are insolvent, a fair solution would be to buy or nationalize the banks, not their debts. Then, in that case, the taxpayers would receive something of value – a new responsible and stable banking system that belongs to the people, instead of debts without worth.

In China, such a solution would seem common sense. With its socialist market economy growing up a 10% per year, the bank of the Chinese government played a dominant role by providing a stable base for the financing of Chinese economic development.

But the possibility of taking control or nationalization of banks in the U.S. has not been mentioned by any political figure in the U.S.

Now, the G20 will meet, “the big of the Earth”, the “developed” countries, the geniuses of finance, that is, those responsible for the crisis. They claim nothing less than attempting to agree a new global economic order but they just really pretend that we trust them, just say that I believe, it will be probably with the aim of preventing the fall of public consumption and a massive withdrawal of funds resulting from any possible widespread panic, they want to give the idea that everything is controlled: be quiet guys, we are working on this. They also want senior executives, though they are junior, can not collect more than 400,000 euros a month and not per day. and even so, comparing this figure, to two million charged to a TV presenter or between 20,000 and 30,000 charged by most part of citizenship annually, I can not imagine how hard the work is played to deserve such a reward. Because, some people have been earning $ 17,000 per hour, this is about $ 150,000,000 per year, a figure almost certainly greater than the annual budget of more than one of 198 countries worldwide.