Crisis ®™


The European transnational corporation against all odds, is laying the groundwork for the dismantling of all that had been achieved in social since the eighteenth century, which is to say that human rights have receded about two hundred fifty years in the same continent which gave birth the concept, with the connivance and approval of the IMF. Scammers are in luck, SICAV companies and tax havens have exited unscathed from this crisis just to poor, so they can to continue cheating to all of us without problems. In reference  to Spain in the seventeenth-century :

“… (it) impoverished to urban classes, whose livelihoods were already more costly. without undeterred, the nobility and clergy, wholly or partially exempt from taxation and participating from real incomes, until the end of the century they keep entering  bulky  territorial incomes and tithes, and rising prices when sell their products, which deepened the intense process of income redistribution against most … “

This embezzlement to the generality of society, this time by the new financial nobility , this assault today would have been impossible without the absurd collaboration, manifested through the electoral votes, of the vast harmed majority , who apparently ignored what is actually being plotted behind their backs, or worst, rather than ignoring it can be said that no one has wanted to know, because at least in this country specifically, but presumably in the rest of the world, more or less, occurs the same, here always it has voted, as I have said in other moment, more against than in favor, making clear that at a citizenship level, most of people is more concerned to prevent the victory of the  other than trying  to build a particular project or achieve defined objectives, while the eventual winners interpret apparently that they’ve won the lottery.

Note that is not there is no money , is not by lack of wealth , it is an excess of shamelessness and greed, so that capital is concentrated in very few hands , although we can not know for what purpose , but it is a fact that the money is  flowing merrily away from the Treasury. Meanwhile the “I ‘m gonna get mine ” remains a popular saying , devoid of negative connotations in the minds of a significant number of people , despite the economic elite itself is subject to codes and is organized in different ways and at different levels , without knowing which ultimately is the purpose sought although we suspect without fear of error that is not to end world hunger , eradicate diseases or get rid of wars. In fact it is likely that when it finish of destabilize the Islamic world , it begins at Europe itself , it is not implausible, there is more to look back , to the war in the former Yugoslavia , where were killed thousands of innocent and no one did move a finger , which as a pilot experiment should be quite educational for all.

Europeans are now, yet, again, as those Celts of Europe at the time of Cesar, an important territory inhabited by disorganized groups of proud people, quarrelsome at times although they do not know or do not want to know about war tactics , a conflict which in this case at the moment , is just economical, although the scene as I say, may get worse. We do not need any Vercingetorix, we need to organize ourselves  transnationally,  grabbing a project, which may well be the Charter of human rights and defend it against the harassment of the hosts of this petty financial imperialism. Unfortunately we can not trust in our politicians, who have proved to be a handful of opportunists eager for fame and power, with no interest in their ow job, a bunch of losers despite what evidencing the magnificent status that they enjoy.

It has long been talk of globalization, a term associated with financial corruption and as demonized as nuclear power, but nuclear fusion will be without doubt the best possible energy source in the near future, just as not it is understood that not even discuss the urgent need for some kind of transcontinental organization at merely human level, to defend ourselves as a species, the UN does not serve. Something so simple and so complex at once, it seems quite impossible within this capricious order of  things, in which immediate interests prevail, the benefits and economic strategies, in front of the real needs of the whole of humanity.

The physical world is shrinking up at top speed, while the population grows , it is becoming smaller and so fast that national boundaries are blurred to accommodate to a vision increasingly more general , over problems that affect to each and every one of the people in the same way, as  pollution , energy shortages or corruption and unemployment , problems derived of economic activity that critics of Keynes , those they now hold the reins, affirmed they would be solve on the fly , later. The question is not Keynesianism or free market. The point is: it does not leaving room for those things that should not be economically quantifiable, such as dignity , trust , love …
Given the idiosyncrasies of the seventeenth century capitalism , based on gold and silver as today it is based in the barrel of crude oil, the discovery of new gold and silver mines enabled the technological and industrial development which led to the launch of the European economy , although social inequality does not improve in line with the new economic situation , which led the people to revolution. The development of a new source of energy such as nuclear fusion, could promote a new economic boom , but if the social and working conditions would not improve automatically, the scenario could be very similar . The story is not exactly cyclical , as the individuals are not the same , they change but even so we keep looking a lot like us .