Geopolitical considerations.

Islam is the religion that capitalism needs. Ibn al Arabi, Murcian from the twelfth century, at the peak of the Muslim world, when they allowed themselves to read the Greeks, gives us a sample of the beads offered by the most moderate face of Islam:
“A man like another, will be subjected under an element with which God has elevated him— as money or a salary — according to His words: We raise some of them above others so that they would serve them. “ CORAN .— 43.32.

Professor Noam Chomsky was denied entry into Israel, where he was to lecture at Bir Zeit University, within the occupied territories, despite the protests of at least five hundred Jewish academics and thousands of students. Probably the old professor should know that he would not be allowed to, but definitely making an appearance was the best way to denounce the offense. The official measure of the authorities was smart: when you have serious security problems, we must not forget that this is a militarized state, you have to get rid of minor problems, although it falls on the right of free speech and freedom of movement; It works very well in

This famous memorious did mention in a recent talk, what had observed the eminent popularizer Carl Sagan: The level of intelligence of a species is inversely proportional to its ability to avoid extinction. Paradoxically, it is fortunate that the average is not too high. I’m being sarcastic, right. I’m not saying that most are stupid, I say that we do nothing with our intelligence, beyond our own individual needs. But there is a handful of people who do things.
There are those who think there is no dark masters, no black hands and everything is the result of clumsiness and human pettiness, but to me this seems naive, someone is taking forward what the media call “liberal revolution”, ie, this return to the Middle Ages with its crusade in the Middle East and all. They are the dark masters.
I could have said “anonymous masters” this is the reality, not even they know who runs the show, thence perhaps, they do those rankings of billionaires who we regularly are watching in the media. They have not invented the game, but things go well for them and they do not want anyone to change them. They can go unnoticed, melting themselves with the world elite, but their interests are obvious, is the only thing that betrays them: in a few decades, they have managed to put the policy of countries at the service of the whims of “the markets” (one of those fantastic euphemisms to which we are accustomed, in this case to avoid saying”oligarchy”), with transnational agreements like NAFTA and TTIP and it is clear that trying to expand NATO as much as possible, certainly in order to feed the voracious belic industry, always needed of conflicts, what includes destabilizing sensitive areas here and there, sometimes you just have to emphasize underlying domestic problems, but they may also enact overall economic embargoes and that’s his greatest triumph, they can manipulate available information and to make everyone look to where their invisible fingers point .

They’re masters because they are aware of human nature, They can depopulate whole universities and condemn a country to idiocy , just creating blatant economic bubbles, but what am I saying? … They have invented a global crisis !!… because they know that poor and ignorant are easier to control and even easier turn them into criminals, this is why prisons are privatized. They think in that way and believe the rest of the world would have to think in that way, not satisfied with feathering one’s nest, also want to teach us and as almost everything else, they control propaganda as I said, do not waste a single second nor even the slightest chance to offer us the spine-chilling system of natural selection as a guide and method of life; at this point, I say as Woody Allen did: the natural world does not seem more than a gigantic restaurant.
The dark masters, black hands, are people who often have nothing in common between them except a keen interest in themselves. A Buddhist monk would probably say they are poor wretches who are deceived, believing they are what they own and, in due time, Karma puts them in their place, but it is suspected that some of those bastards, already are more than ninety years old.

adam smith