The weird side of Youtube or this algorithm is a bit wanker.

“My God, I am again on the weird side of YouTube!!!”

Some time ago. after reading this comment at the bottom of a video about UFOs, to which I had arrived without intending to, I realized it is true, there is a weird side of YouTube. Somehow, if you are interested in technology, history, or indeed almost anything you can think of, it will automatically appear in the right side of the screen, a good number of more or less suggestive links through any of them you will slide off inevitably to the  weird side of YouTube. I confess that from time to time since then, I step out there, to see what I can find.
Maybe I’ve been a little hard with the luminaries who have made the search system which  apparently is a powerful tool with some ability to develop preference profiles, among other things, but limps in some respects, as is the null ability to sort  duly chapters of a documentary: if you can find a chapter on the first try, which is difficult at times, in any case is highly unlikely you can find the second on the right side instead of third or eighth which surely yes, but on second thought , perhaps they do, as usually do the supermarkets, change things around on purpose, in order to you have to look them for , you know, to more clicks, more publicity, more money.

Wandering for the weird side of YouTube, you are exposing yourself to the advices of presumptive aliens to mankind about the Apocalypse of 2012, the speeches of  Christians concerned because there is no fossils of unicorns and in short, a whole legion of gurus, visionaries, soothsayers and “frighten-elders”, obsessed with the end of times or  the planned extermination of human kind and with the  alarmist “Requiem for a dream” of Ray Ventura as a soundtrack, exasperatingly often. Among the many absurdities and tamper evident, for example is easy to trip over a lot of material on the grisly events of September 11, dozens of videos, which often falls into the error of wanting to prove fraud, by the system of accumulation of diverse data, something which ultimately is detrimental to the testimony, it suffices that only one of them is wrong, to steal credibility from the rest, despite of all, however, I found this:

 We going to find nothing about the dark interests, which were the real reasons could prompt to an influential part of the U.S. elite to organize what has been called “an inside job”, presumably in the future though, someone should be able to weave some economic weft.

Not Lacking either the official videos released by the own NASA but reedited and presented almost as if they were illegally leaked secrets, even sometimes without the almost, within which perhaps the most pathetic are those who try to pass off a crosslinked handful of pixels as cities and labor camps on the moon surface, Mars, or at the bottom of a lake in Peru. There are also “authentic” messages of future recorded by survivors of Atlantis (?) And as not, the delirious speculations of the theorists of reptilian domination for those like me, who did not have enough with the TV serie “V”.
Also belong to the weird side of YouTube, the Japanese commercial videos. We know that Japanese humor is basically quite black, crude and somewhat scatological, so in my view deserves to be a full member:

Some of the candidates of political campaigns in municipal Japanese elections , unlike the rest of the world are not edited by the Nippon TV, can produce perplexing, for instance, this Hitler of Vulcan:
The weird side of YouTube is like the Borges’s Aleph, a singularity in space-time, through which it can access to other worlds, where in this case there are other versions of recurring themes,  more or less interesting theories, different opinions which such as they say in a film of Coppola are like the ass, everyone has one.