The oil of Life or the mystic of brutality

A stream of Islamophobia roams in the media holders for quite some time, it’s not a casual thing, is in some ways a pathetic religious counteroffensive, facing the real danger of social and cultural regression on all orders of life. The doomsayers say, with wide array of elaborated studies and detailed statistics, that the decadent Western society, has birth rates well below average, especially compared with the Muslim world, which provides them a long-term tactical advantage. The fact is, this society, is moving only by and for the money, which consequently has led the majority to one disappointing conclusion: “there are already enough slaves in the world”, and then we allowed to us wasting for decades, a lot of money and resources irrationally, relying on the paradigm “They can’t take the fun away from me” I mean, “enjoy yourself while you can” or “Carpe Diem”.

After the “Cold War” since the 50’s, the triumphant capitalist society has rested on its laurels and instead of claiming for itself the ideal of a more just and egalitarian, who flourished at the beginning of last century, has seen itself dragged by ambition, love of luxury and most atrocious selfishness. Jaded, on the other hand, by the secular psychological and social pressure of religion, we have fallen into an materialism meaningless at all , and we have reduced our vital expectations just to produce in order to consume and vice versa, backs to the world, that is, of famines , epidemics and difficulties of the rest. Although some people believe, as the Jihadists, this is again, a new war of religion, no doubt the oil is behind all this. If oil runs out, as the media is foretelling for more than fifty years, radical Islam will end as also it will finish our post-welfare’s society , so that in reality the fate of all is intertwined . In fact Islamism as such, would not exist without the help of the Western world.Arguably, recently it jelled in Afghanistan, where the intention was, arming an army on the banks of the dying communist empire, in order to they can fight against the last bastions of state socialism. Funding border-states between two enemy countries is nothing new, is as old as cities. When the Soviet problem disappeared, it lost interest for that country, but the muhaidins, educated for war, and even exalted at the time by the West itself, they found in the Jihad and the opium at a large scale, a way of expressing his disappointment. We could go back to the ramshackle British decolonization of the Middle East, which has turned the area into a place that paradoxically, millions of tourists visit every year, despite following technically at war, while a band prepares for the establishment of the Third Temple of Solomon and the other organizes the Third Jihad. I think it was Goebbels who cynically stated that just is needed the collaboration of only ten percent of the population, to can drive the majority to slaughterhouse as cattle and although fortunately the Third Reich was over almost before it started, it was not possible to avoid the greatest bloodbath in history and complicate the life of generations of survivors. It occurs constantly.

This mediatic counteroffensive that puts the Arabs in the spotlight, is not false, ie it is not using false arguments, certainly a large part of Muslim society today is brutal and authoritarian, especially in the environment of Islamic organizations where it encourages hatred and cruelty from the earliest ages and in schools children are educated on intolerance as if it were a virtue. But basically everything is a huge farce, ie although this stuff catchs someone by surprise, at these very moments in which it talks about crisis, we really are at a crossroads, we are at the threshold of a new technological revolution, something never seen, a new physics, new materials and most importantly a new source of cheap and inexhaustible energy, fusion energy and this is only a first step to a world of future possibilities. Great, what a pretty … but the current power brokers want to keep their status and leading all changes necessary to pass from the old order (the current) to the new, with no fundamental changes in their interests. Therefore, they want to we believe that something as abstract as the mere selfishness has nothing to do with what happens and that the blame for everything is of those damn Moors. The worst thing is that in our case, ie the most of us, the hard faction of power, will not have scrupled to blow up the building with us inside, I mean they can push us to war as I can see them capable to convert themselves to Islam if were necessary, for these people we are little more than numbers, anonymous figures in an aseptic report and mainly we are too many numbers. We must be aware that after the war, those who survive, with some exceptions, generally tend to be much more docile, beset by hunger and needs, at this point I have no doubt that even regardless of social strata, there is much people who thinks in these terms.

Immigration in Europe is a phenomenon calculated, not an atmospheric phenomenon more or less unpredictable or unexpected as the media would have us believe. Since its beginning, during the 80’s, remember that we were told that although the majority of immigrants were entering “illegally” into the country of destination, while they were presented as a necessary evil to overcome lack of manpower , despite the millions of unemployed who have not stopped growing since. Obviously it was a blatant fallacy, a subterfuge for not recognizing that with the current guidelines can not compete against slavists economies, without wielding their own weapons, that is, without reducing to the accomodated middle class to slavery and misery. The point is, ultimately, to evade the fundamental problem, which is that capitalism has neither idea how or where to begin to urbanize the jungle. Everyone knows that in the free market dominates the pecking order, although it gets up on the squalid shoulders, of millions of insolvents. Lately there is the urban legend that’s the fault of the Chinese, as it once was before the Japanese and the Americans or the British and so on …

Truly the Western world does not need to defame the Islamic world, it is already doing very well without any help, but so does the Western world, in fact studies show that a significant proportion of the boom that is taking Islam in the U.S. comes directly from conversions made ​​between the prison population. We should note that in the super liberal USA , prisons are an industry in the hands of private capital and the logic of the market system say that in order to get benefits must be imprisoned people, whether or not devil. Indeed this is a perverse order, though it would be absurd at a crucial time, once more, that entire humanity spend its energy in a new war for the benefit of a few.

Finally, after swallowing, with great difficulty, several chapters of Islam-for-all on Youtube, I thought I glimpsed in the ways you have to adopt in front of the divinity, as the Salat, a remaining encryption much older shapes, such as is seen in the Akkadian and Sumerian votive offering, which at that time, I found very interesting, apart from this, it is clear that Islam far from helping any spiritual growth, gives letter of favor to an absurd string of psychological disfunctionalities and ridiculous prejudices, getting to deify the concept of authority, in short, a sort of mystical fascism, of absolute obedience, all strewn with severe rules, strict rituals and macabre punishments . A joy.