Chomsky chose linguistics for something

Currently, the enigma of the origin of human language is in the hands of paleontologists and archaeologists, linguists  have enough task with the invention of the syncretic Indo-european, a myth depending who we listen.

The position of the larynx in humans does not allow us to drink and breathe through our nose at once, which can make the rest of mammals without any difficulty, a disadvantage which also multiplies the possibilities of our phonic apparatus , which puts it directly below the spotlight of investigators, but as neither cartilage nor ligaments nor muscles fossilized, they were forced to point to another part of our morphology, specifically some features of the skull base can provide information about the position of the larynx. Unfortunately due to the scarcity of fossil remains, it is not possible to say whether or not Neanderthals had language (which if so would open the door to speculation about which words we could have assimilated from them) but at least it has been found that the phonetic capabilities of Australopithecus were not higher than those of chimpanzees.

This does not mean that we are the only species that has the ability to verbally communicate with their fellows, leaving aside the still hypothetical language of some aquatic mammals, monkeys are able to give voice alert in front of the presence of a predator using different voices for each of the possible threats and we know that this is so, for the reactions induced in the group: to pay attention to the soil if it is a snake, or up in the case of the eagle, etc. . Moreover, a bonobo named Kanzi understands about a hundred and fifty words of English spoken. However, no primate other than ours, has a deliberately coded language because they lack a suitable phonic apparatus and as the authors of the “chosen species” say: cannot be composed any music for instruments that do not exist, Although it has been shown that chimpanzees and gorillas are capable of learning the language of the deaf and express ideas in this way, in their natural environment they have never felt the need to establish a comprehensive code of gestures, therefore it seems that it is necessary further neurological processes in order to produce it.

We are so accustomed to using words when we express ourselves or when we reflect that we do not realize the importance of language, how far we are from the existence by dint of sensations, pure vital impetus, as the animals and football fans. Faced with the stark natural selection of Darwin, the language represents an effort to bring together the individuals and is the first tool that allows us to list, classify and order, ultimately to analyse, that it is the basis of scientific knowledge and therefore of human progress.

The mystery is served, the debate about the origin of language continues, while the evolutionists are convinced that it was simply the result of evolutionary process and strives to find the evidence, creationists insist on the supernatural intervention, briefly documented through different cultures and sources. (Spanish)