Titles & titles

Call me freaky if you will, but it bothers me that
seem to have learned so well all the commercial people and those persons who work facing the public, that thing almost derogatory of calling you “knight”, Are you looking for something knight?, can I help you, knight?, I do not know when I acquired this honor, that I do not need, nor what image comes to mind to them, but to me is that of a typical medieval knight, with wire mesh, armor, helmet, shield , sword and all that stuff, it’s probably my fault, I have the mind tainted, it is true that practically I do not read more than ancient history and manuals or technical documents. Obviously this is a problem that you only will have in spanish, in english is just “sir” or “lady”, I ignore who has put into fashion this expression but he sure has more than one hundred years or is South American, the truth is that I do not know riding, I hate a bit to those who do it, really. I like too much the animal to see it subjected to the will of another, and not only that, is that it is an archaism, an absurd anachronism though it sounds redundant, also is extremely sexist because there is no “women knight ” but “dames” and I have never heard: Can you offer something dame? Generally become automatically “ladies” ultimately I do not need any title, can I help you? is fine.

On second thought, surely the overall picture is that of a gentleman from the late nineteenth-century, with top hat, fitted jacket and shirts with embroidered cuffs, a monocle maybe, mustache and cane. It depends on who, perhaps all this may just seems a sign of distinction, yet has nothing to do with me that I dress like an asshole of Pulp Fiction, with printed tee or not, and sneakers. In any case, “gentleman” is out of place, also leaves a great impression of distance, mark the boundaries, delimits the degree of relationship, puts you on your place, that of a stranger who has just arrived, only to fuck, so it resonates in my head like a What the fuck you want?… Have you lost something (idiot)?, Then you respond politely, “No thanks, I’m just looking …” As if it was a sufficient excuse because in reality you’re expecting a “take you off from here, that you abrade the goods “and not the fake smile but discreet that you get instead. I do not know, either way this new school not seems very new.

Turning from titles to titles (I know, worst joke ever, even in spanish), the news of the moment are that scientists believe they have finally found the controversial boson that gives mass to matter and in the other hand, the arrival of Curiosity to Mars which is still too recent to give much to talk about. However, the discovery of Higgs boson has enabled many people to breathe relieved, it is not joke, mainly experts who were enough restless after more than thirty years of fruitless searching, first with the Tevatron at Fermilab and then at the LHC who has achieved the feat, but especially the domes religious, who still have not understood anything, but they feel reaffirmed as when was released the Big Bang model. Even so, the final confirmation has been postponed to later this year; experts want to make sure, regardless of “six sigma” level that the obtained results have been achieved, which is the same as saying they have to 99.9% of certainty.

The news comes at a bad time, most people is not very interested, right now, in bosons, but despite of all is a good news, although it is better not know about how many money did cost to find the blessed boson, by that of “Eyes that do not see, Heart that not senses.  The funniest thing is all the trickery that has been derived from the unfortunate title of the book of Lederman, a Nobel laureate who do not refused or was unable to prevent the publisher to change its own original title, much less commercial and even a bit politically incorrect “The goddamn particle ” by the tabloid and more controversial “The God’s particle ” which delighted the industry despite of causing a stir among fond of churches and other places like that.

Now thanks to the Higgs field, we can say that we know better the structure of matter, but as regards the topology of the human soul we still flying blind, despite centuries of practice, despite of all forms of religion that mankind has been adopting and leaving later, despite efforts to assert basic ethical principles, nevertheless, we still throw rocks at our court. Wondering why injustice still prevails is one of those useless things that you do in moments of obfuscation, the answer is simple, just because it can, because the environment
permits it, there is no firewall or antivirus that protects the capitalist operating system from itself . Meanwhile the blood of thousands of Mexicans pervades invisibly, the massive event in London, as can be inferred from a report unveiled by the United States that makes responsible to Olympic sponsor HSBC, of the laundering of money to Mexican drug traffickers.

Science seeks the unification theory, companies and banks are merging, the labor categories will soon be reduced to “nanny for all” and even the poles melt. But nobody seems to back the integration of ethics into materialism or viceversa, more for complicated than for impossible, though it would be a shame to have to dismantle the system because that would open the door to some kind of fanatic fundamentalism, that all would regret sooner or later .