Going round the life

In space, the priority of inanimate is apparently inertia, indepently if life exists or not, but what good is all this excessive amount of dust, gas and fire unconscious, blind and dumb? This is therefore a sensible universe because life gives it perception, surely not for the pure pleasure of contemplation. Life is a very rare event, volumetrically  negligible, at least in this universe, there may be other in another dimension that is crowded, but this is not the case, an overwhelming emptiness transforms the giant  galaxies in glittering scattered points.

On the planet, the ageless geological activity determines the existence, life is based on the inert, adapting itself to the vicissitudes and natural changes, but also the own vital activity creates changes, the biological agents, gradually along millions years, change the composition and structure of what we consider inorganic, so that both systems, the organic and inorganic interact, there is no division.

The famous researcher Stephen Hawking has considered the possibility that the sacred laws of thermodynamics (ie energy is not destroyed and such) are not so sacred, since the insatiable black holes, do not cease to swallow huge amounts of material that literally disappears, only the theory of multiple universes, allows the survival of such relevant laws of physics. To save them, Hawking proposed that all matter sucked through the singularity, is leaded to another universe where there may be no black holes.

The Milky Way, our galaxy, like others, has a central black hole. A prime feature of this stellar phenomenon is that in his event horizon, time slows until to stop itself,  gravity (something we really still do not know what is and is sought a particle to justify it) is so monstrous that researchers assume that everything that enters its field of action, stretches as  result of stress before going inside the singularity. We tend to view time as if it were a rigid material, absolute and precise, but at both relativistic and quantum level turns out to be surprisingly malleable, relative and uncertain,  to cap it all of perplexity, although without  time there is no space and is the Nothing, however the Nothing, the emptyness exists and has a density, despite we do not realize it, the old concept of the Ether, now remastered as hyperspace, accidentally resurrected by Einstein when he invoked the cosmological constant, is also Something . Researchers have shown that particles of Nothing have an energy value to quantum level. The sum of all vacuum energy (known for the television series Stargate as zero point energy) would be responsible for more than 75% of the continuous increase in the rate of expansion of the universe in the form of what is known as energy dark, that is invisible, as is  invisible also the dark matter, which represents more than ninety percent of all existing matter and black holes themselves, are hidden despite of gigantic that the eyes of astronomers can be , there are too much invisible things, and yet we keep wanting to see the universe with our human eyes. It is hoped that before the extinction, we shall be able to create more appropriate instruments to discern what there are behind all these invisible barriers that flank our existence.

On the other hand, eminent biologists believe that there is a sort of intelligence that permeates the intrinsic functioning of cells, which they constantly bring about, with surgical precision the building of elaborated chains of amino acids, the neurons in our brain shuffled potassium ions and chlorine (which by their size, they are quantum elements) with ability of an inveterate gambler, by the way, our brain is not a computer, as many people believe, is much more than a center of applied Domotic, a technology  so advanced than it is still a mystery greatly.

Perhaps  we really are a sophisticated instrument designed by the universe in order to sense to himself and so, somehow we would be the consciousness of the cosmos, not only us, humans, but even the tiniest bug, endowed with some sensitivity, and although argument is pure speculation, provides an extraordinary relevance to life in front of the apparent futility of existence. Curiously, the concept is not new, the symbolic binomial Amun-Ra of the ancient Egyptian, explains how Amun “the hidden” (the Ether or the whole), “unfolding” himself, became Ra  (life) as the conscience of Amun. Who would have to say it.