I was surfing the internet looking for definitions of words, which is one thing that I often do when I’m preparing a new post for the blog, to show off vocabulary and especially not to screw up too much. I had, for some time, intended to devote an entry to the relations between philosophy and physics and as in almost all aspects the only difference between them, is the use of mathematics and the aid of external instruments, outside the brain itself, I say this for the fact that many of the discoveries in physics had already been anticipated, obviously without the relevant equations, by some people, from the Greeks and even long before and I actually would like to know what’s in this mysterious calculation apparently instantaneous that we call intuition.
When I consult an electronic dictionary or Wikipedia I like to dwell on the etymological part at the beginning of the definition, most of the time, just only a brief mention that in the best case, most people always ignore in the same way, skimming it, with a “blah blah blah” or some other babble, but again, is sometimes interesting, in my view, to know the origin of a term, as in this case for example: “Chaos” .
That’s when I stumble on an article published on 10 June this year on a website called EtikoTaku Foundation, of clear orientation “foolist” (positivist logic) and titled so bombastic:
“Chaos theory is a philosophy that was created to prevent the advance of science and try to cloud the overall picture of scientific transdisciplinarity”.

The article, which appeared to be a pseudo-scientistic trash, after reading it, ends up being a mere apology for authority, business dirigisme and the most recalcitrant creationism. The author brandish a couple of quotes from Einstein, that always looks good, opts for superstring theory, like the antithesis of chaos theory (which is not) and boasts of humility but seems to have no doubt that the universe “is an efficient, intelligent and harmonious whole.”

What more can I say?, ah! I forgot, the article’s author is now accused by prosecutors of Madrid in a case of documental forgery, related to some false titles from a foreign university, apparently purchased online. You can not expect less of a “Foundation of entrepreneurs” that boasts. Today, these embezzlers of ideas (and probably of subsidizes too), agents of disinformation, this “Foundation of handlers” have not yet realized that they have been caught (or do not mind them) and have not yet closed the page even though the article was written in 2010 to StarviewerTeam International, which is also under the scrutiny of the judges, not only in Spain.

Obviously I have deviated from the original topic, but is that what I had easy, between looking like nuisance and pedantic or denounce the nonsenses of the patronal, is always more fun the sarcasm.