About Sharks and Dragons

A couple of days ago, I attended the annual pass of transparencies of the company, was a reunion of the group work, where we were informed, inter alia, the slowing of business activity in the current economic times and the new basic guidelines to deal with it. There was some display of elaborate euphemisms, for instance  calling the stagnation of sales “to have reached maturity in the evolutionary curve of the product ” was undoubtedly one of the most delusional, there were graphic, showing numbers and percentages incontrovertible (incontestable therefore), only at the end, about to finish the conversation, the  Jabberwock was mentioned.
So far the message had been:
“Efficiency is not enough. To be effective we must be efficient in the shortest possible time “, that is, the sooner win the greatest amount of money. These rushes were a sign of the predictable course where things would go, yet , the targets were achieved. This kind of frantic race towards the dividend, has a very negative impact on the social fabric and as a result, enthralled by the illusion of luxury and ostentation, once more,  cajoled by the comfort, because the money does not give happiness as the saying repeat insistently,  always harping on someone, people had departed even more from people.

During the reunion, this concept of “effectiveness” was abolished, a new manifesto was erected in its place:
“€ = satisfaction.” Despite the appearance of asepsis and accuracy that  the mathematical formulas providing, the equation has more substance than it seems. If, before the business was to make money at the expense of social demand and without bearing in mind the real needs of customers, now, in the business jargon, the business is to retain market share, or in other words , have a happy customer . This situation is not comfortable for the financial sector, they would undoubtedly prefer to sell us what suits them at the price that they want .In fact, in their inner, to yield to the whims of the people, to the innocent  genocidaires which integrate the economic elite, it must be like a form of prostitution, thus happens when it puts the human’s illusion in the stock market. The workers of the technical department, we were not explicitly required to have sex with clients, however, at some moment, I thought to understand that the  staff from trade department  should be more accommodating with the public, under the present circumstances I do not want to imagine what means this.

Invaded by an unwarranted anxiety, which it had been stressing throughout this  worker’s symposium,  the English voice “jabberwocking” appeared on the scene, which actually happened almost unnoticed, probably because the brain ignores what is not understood, not only there was no comment  but it was one of those rare silences of which people say ” an angel has passed”, until the boss who gave voice to the transparencies added a brief explanation that I broad a little:

The Jabberwock, in Castilian, Galimatazo or Jerigondor is a big, ugly beast like a dragon. Painted by John Tenniel,  which besides Sir, he was also cartoonist cartoons back at the end of the nineteenth century, based on descriptions of the poem Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll in 1872, which is included in his book, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. Strangely, despite having prefaced the complete works of this author and no doubt have read, Borges does not include the Jabberwock in the Book of Imaginary Beings.
Through the Net, an American girl  advanced  stanzas of the poem Jabberwocky in English:

And as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Tulgey Came whiffling through the wood,
And Burble as it came!

Stanza that we find in Wikipedia and translated:

Y así, mientras cabilaba firsuto.
¡¡Hete al Galimatazo, fuego en los ojos,
que surge hedoroso del bosque turgal
y se acerca raudo y borguejeando!!

This same girl said that in his house, is synonymous of saying things without sense. According to Collins  “to jabber “means “farfullar”.

Jabberwocking at work is, an activity that it reduces costs, it improves profits, but this deficit is not perceived as such. To illustrate the invention, was used as an example, that airline what decided to remove the olives from the salad, no one noticed and that meant thousands of dollars of savings for the company. I dont Know why I remembered the rape scandal (in Spain), fraud that ruined the lives of many people before anyone noticing.

When the reunion ended, someone was asked about what he had similar exposure, remember that with some sarcasm and replied with his hand making the gesture of rubbing his thumb with the index:
“I very much agree with that of satisfaction equal to EUR … ..,”

The response was very welcome and widely acclaimed companion. I sometimes think that never learns. I left early.
Depressed, took the rest of the day to digest the bitter feeling.