From greek Ἱεραρχία’ , combines two words  ‘ἱερός’ (hieros) and ‘άρχός’ (archos) which translate as “holy” and “command, government” respectively, in reference to an outdated theocracy that sanctified the bossy persons to that it would seem normal that they were giving orders. The term continued in use changing from hands of the priests and then the nobility toward the bourgeois people, without having lost the authentic and definitive meaning of its function: “another bite the dust” as the title of the song of Queen. Hierarchies are a phenomenon of the current geological period that it is not the Holocene but the Cabronifero (*), as Mario Coll says  in his dyslexic “Dicciomario”.

Indeed, once lost coverage that provided the abstract religious concepts, or the archaic lineages, the bourgeois have invented operational systems, liturgies to justify the use of the imposition, the mother of all inequalities. The word ‘άρχός’ (archos) was commonly used in Greece as “boss”,  however Romans said  “caput”, ie head, and then went into French as “chief”. There are bosses of many kinds, but all of them are bosses. For me, I’m lucky, a boss is just like a pesky exponent hovering just above your head, reminding you that you must multiply yourself to enlarge the product. We are numbers in a list.

We live in an organizational system staggered of a pyramidal type, where as we all know, the most, the base, are dedicated to making dreams come true for the minority, the top, although there are certain virtual stages floating so to speak, invisible to the laws and regulations, reserved for commitments and cronies of the elite. The fact is that despite everything, this type of organization has very good reputation, most people are sure that in order to become something in life you have to climb towards the summit and many open the way elbowing. I have not said to be someone but something, because obviously someone we already are from birth, so the aim is to be something more, to this you must be integrated into the structure, the same structure that keeps things as they are, that keep united the blocks of the pyramid, forming a kind of brace for a sickly system, plagued with chronic diseases. In general, it is considered that the hierarchy is the only valid system of organization, regardless of line of thought, given the demonstrated effectiveness of fear. It is time to listen to the experts, those who study the subject, to the sociologists, neuroscientists, they know that fear may or may not be useful in extreme situations depending on the individual point, but it is always very damaging to suffer it during prolonged periods of time either for the stability of the individual or society.The elite knows this, so playing with concepts of an organizational model called “network organization” of cellular nature non competitive, then they denatured right away for being inadequate in a hierarchical order, but they are look great in the gallery, in any case, for if we are going through our head something as absurd as collaborate, the leaders invented the “Court of competition” an organism with a dye-labeled authoritarian, recently softened with a name less aggressive, more elastic “the Council the national competition commission ” responsible for ensuring that there is competition. The usual justification used to give credit to competitiveness is the reduction of costs, but this is a fallacy, the costs do not go down, and if they do, always is to the detriment of the people.

There’s an “every man for himself” running around every corner, silent and fleeting, that pushes the ex-politicians to integrate themselves into the most solid companies, as consultants

Consultants are apparently necessary, they are like those Indian guides, who were hired by colonial armies to get into the unknown with the intentions that we all know. Apparently ex-politicians are experts at this and the companies currently seem to completely ignore the terrain that they are supposed to dominate, because the number of famous ex-politicians which become consultants is enormous and continues to grow, although soon they disappear under a thick blanket of media silence.

It’s all so human … as it ever was..


(*) “Cabronifero” is an untranslatable joke, a word play only in spanish.  “carboniferous” is a geological age and “cabron” is an insult, it means “bad person” people with a lot of needle.