From cannibalism to capitalism VI

When men do the role of the gods…

The history, there are some people who say that simply it just must be exposed , put the facts as they happened. Currently still it teachs “the Peloponnesian War,” “the Thirty Years War,” “the war of independence,” “the civil war” (all wars are civil wars), as if all this carnage was an end in itself, as if the effect was the cause. All wars are actually the result of an economic crisis, which is rarely accidental. Those involved in teaching the history still refuse to consider this or that ruler as a miserable or acknowledge that behind the term “civilization” in most cases there is only exploitation and fear, they speak yet about the Assyrian culture” or “Mycenaean culture” as a social state with a “determinated  level”, but they forget to add “of manipulation and abuse” as they should do. It was closed the gates to ethics, a discipline that studies human behavior specifically, and it has wanted to convert the evolution of society in a kind of mathematical sequence in chronological order, so that two and two make four, but history is not a science, maybe only the portion that respect to research, insofar as it makes use of techniques from other disciplines, like the chemistry dating as the based on radiocarbon or so on.

Maybe the term “miserable” may seem inappropriate, but why the famous King David can keep being considered, even now, almost a saint? when in fact, he did some things that were not exactly what would do a good person, while however a bus driver with two beers is seen almost as a genocidal (I mean not that  the drivers drunk driving, is super cool). This is thus because the Power gives off a heady perfume that makes that the mountains made with amputees members from defeated enemies, as to the pharaohs liked to make, they go unnoticed when we approach to the great “Egyptian culture”. Some people believe that atrocities as the mentioned, can be justified as a means to instil “respect” in that archaic time, without even realizing that in doing so, they are justifying the terrorism, because a caddish trick is and it always has been a caddish trick, I mean, we do not know  better now than before what is right and what is not. The impunity enjoyed by the authorities, today and yesterday, has been and is still renowned: if somebody tries to put a rung across the road like those that have been put everywhere by the municipalities, he is a dangerous sociopath, but if are the authorities who put them, as they do, then the rung acquires the harmless status of “street furniture” in the worst cases. This is just an easy example where we can see how are penalized all the drivers for the infractions of a few, of course is much cheaper than any sophisticated computer system control or putting a pair of traffic cops, of course at the expense of the wheel buffers of each one of the thousands of cars that have to cross them daily, and possibly some accident that another.

it has said that there are mysteries encoded in the dimensions and orientation of the pyramids, the megalithism arouses a similar intrigue, but what is certain is that, these symbols are monumental expressions of the ability that have the people, working together, to achieve results impossibles for a single individual. The Pharaohs, aware of this capability, apparently, took advantage of the months during the flooding that occurred by the annual overflow of the Nile, (a time when there was little to do for most of the Egyptian people) to mobilizing all the idle people and using them in building their pyramids. It appears that they were fed properly and are even paid. How good, how beautiful; but instead of a pyramid, could have been made irrigation canals, barns, schools, recreational areas or whatever, but it had to plant a huge stone pine in honor of the pharaoh. With the colossal works, it occurs as in the music groups, the merit, is always for the vocalist.

Yet this does not mean that the task of governing is easy, or that it has done nothing positive, it just that too often have been followed more arbitrary criteria of desirability. It is precisely because it is not easy for a single individual,  task of ruling should be a joint work, which we should all cooperate to the extent of our capabilities and our common interests and individuals, by this undoubtedly is necessary to trust the system, which for many people, unfortunately ,so far, represents a tremendous effort. Despite of  all, that there are injustices is not the worst, really shocking is that good people ignore them. Einstein, Gandhi and many other wise men, knew this and always have been denouncing, but preached in the desert. Too often we look the other way, by fear or convenience, becoming us, thus, in passive accomplices in any injustice.

The fact is that any holders of power, whatever their intentions, they always show themselves  as representatives of “order” of “the truth” and “goodness”, versus “chaos,” “lies” and “evilness “as if they were the only possible alternative to disorder and suffering. Between the skills of power is not found nor the necessary humility to admit mistakes, nor the firmness or constancy necessary to confront the real problems, but if they have a fantastic propaganda machine.

The manipulation, has recently been placed instead of use of force as the preferred method of the powerful to lead us to its fold. The trick is very old, it is to foment division, funding among several different discourses, two main lines of thought, for achieving a single objective: benefits.

Since early last century came under discussion within the global economic elite, the ideal way to practice this manipulation in a sustainable way and after two world wars and millions dead finally “won” the current model. A certain Keynes, had the upper water with his theory, by which everything is marketable and what it is not is simply not there. This is the materialism of an inordinate purity, which has removed any hint of sensitivity, going far beyond even the position of the own communism. It is an advanced form of oligarchy, makeup with a bunch of euphemisms as “welfare state” (?), “FREE market”, “FREE movement of capital, and other ornaments, a kind of tyranny sweetened and aromatized thanks to the servile  media.

The powerful should only worry about accumulating many benefits, in order to boost the economy in times of recession. In this regard there are theories that claim that some financial crises have been provoked to test it experimentally. Actually the system of this gentleman (father of the monetarist macroeconomic theory, which advocate state interventionism in investment and employment issues, which could mean that even it is apparently liberating compared to traditional monetarism) could be analyzed as a mystical phenomenon, for whose ecstasy is necessary  developing a sensory and emotional syncretism that just respond to market fluctuations, it seeks to elevate to that “powerful knight” of Quevedo times, to the divine status by way of the financial engineering. “Competitiveness”, “consumption”, “productivity” are some fundamental elements of dogma. The prism through which one looks when one accepts the new doctrine,  distorts largely certain aspects of reality, showing the layoff as a “job decoupling”, slavery as “subcontracting” and so on. The problem is that  the states of the so-called “Western democracy”, are held by political parties that rely on contributions from corporations to finance their election campaigns. Contributions which, of course, must be returned in some way, so that in practice, the economic scheme earlier is not fundamentally altered.

In my view, this system  produces what can sells, they offer what is demanded, not what is needed, which results in a shortage of university places, hospitals, the precariousness of the infrastructure and posts work, etc.., meanwhile proliferate  the “large surfaces”, the “entertainment centers”, the “theme parks” and is invested in build  and golf courses while the assets are wasted in “sporting spectacles” of dubious ethical value . In this way, when you need to introduce a new business object, you must first create the need, so that is offered and is presented as a social good, to thereby begin the consumer chain. In the event that the product has some value, will eventually  become a working tool, becoming indispensable and therefore very profitable. When we ask to the priests of the new religion on certain detrimental aspects, it makes us see that the shortcomings of the system produced today, as the issue of hunger or nuclear waste, will be resolved tomorrow, by the grace of God and his technological hand.

The wars of today would be a cissy, with their precise smart bombs targeting by laser, and its agiles helicopters, capable of reducing to nothing  to the infantry, if were not  for the collateral damage, rape, torture and the humiliation of prisoners. Little or nothing remains of the butcher shops of old. Most of the arms and legs that are lost today are civilians, mostly from children, victims of landmines scattered and abandoned after a conflict. It tries to imbue the militarism of good intentions, Volunteer transvestite, but the army is no a NGO and blood has always been very scandalous. Maybe when they get reduce the enemy to an aseptic dust heap,  will get that  war seems even more than now, as a video game.

The powerful priests of the new cult in their quest to emulate the gods are abandoning coercive practices or actual violence because they now want that we enter into the fold by our own will, doing us believe that it is the best we can do with our life. it is employ a positivist philosophy so developed that could compete with the Tibetan Buddhism. In their opinion, a dismissal, sorry, a “termination of contract of employment” is just a fantastic opportunity to get a more suitable job or even better. To complete the effect it was created the  “unemployment”, a brief illusion of security, which functions as a powerful social demobilizer. The concept of “job stability”, “conservation and maintenance costs” and everything related to long-term investments, take the place of the devil in the scheme of this theology, so the generalization of” culture “is not a priority, and “Public Services”, accused of monopoly are labeled “heretical” and sentenced to dismemberment by privatization.

Currently, under this iniquitous doctrine, a sea of speculators without any scruple, dedicate to fish in stock markets worldwide, misplaced the very concept of “common sense” and distorting everything in its frantic race for their daily dose of liquidity, scratching, blind and wantonly the pillars of our own future. And they do it with impunity, are invisible to the eyes of the global financial bodies indeed nobody is interested in jeopardizing one of the fundamental basis of dogma, the “free movement of capital” and having to recognize with it that, in front of certain stock-market practices, are necessary taking measures to control the flow of the damn money.

(will continue)

Hoy el tanto tienes tanto vales nunca fue más verdad. Es un hecho que aquellos que propugnan la hermandad de la humanidad, la paz y la búsqueda de un crecimiento sostenible son los verdaderos “pobres de espíritu”, los pecadores, enemigos de la sacrosanta “competitividad”, diabólicos defensores de la “cooperación”, que quieren en resumidas cuentas destruir el mundo poniéndole coto a la libre acumulación de riquezas en virtud de la “solidaridad”, concepto completamente ajeno a esta religión .

A mí me enseñaron que el Renacimiento fue lo que la propia palabra indica, un “nuevo nacimiento” donde banqueros como la famosa familia Medici, financiaban altruistamente a cientificos y artistas. En realidad mas tarde comprendí que tras la revulsiva descomposición del cadáver del imperio romano y el auge de los carroñeros movimientos misticos dominantes, una explosión del arte y de la técnica, fue el resultado de una pesada digestión. Giovanni de Lorenzo di Medici por ejemplo, el Papa León X, para poder continuar las obras de la Basílica de San Pedro, no tuvo el mas mínimo escrúpulo en vender el Cielo por parcelas, estipulando el precio de la indulgencia en función de la gravedad de los pecados cometidos y también de los por cometer, lo que es muchísimo más grave, puesto que en la práctica representa tener carta blanca celestial para cometer cualquier tipo de fechoría. Contemporáneo suyo, Lutero aprovechó esta flagrante impiedad para rebelarse contra la Iglesia católica, de tal manera que este Papa, considerado aun hoy como un grandísimo “mecenas”, fue el causante directo de las guerras “de religión” que provocaron cientos de miles de muertes en toda Europa, amén de ser el protagonista, de la que quizás sea, la estafa multimillonaria más descarada de todos los tiempos. Lutero no resultó ser tampoco lo que se dice una bendito varón, se aprovechó de los campesinos que hartos de tanta explotación apoyaron su conflicto con la esperanza de que les liberara de los abusos de las clases dominantes, cosa que evidentemente no consiguieron. Estas cosas no son anecdóticas excepciones, no es difícil comprobar que son la tónica general.

Con toda seguridad todo esto puede parecer una visión muy negativa de la historia del hombre, nada se ha dicho del arte, la ciencia, el amor, todas esas cualidades que embellecen al ser humano. Pero el hecho de, por ejemplo, que el genial Miguel Angel pintara los techos de la Capilla Sixtina para mayor gloria del maquiavélico Papa Sixto IV, no me parece motivo de orgullo, como tampoco lo es que en la actualidad se gasten millones en laboratorios que persiguen descubrir mas eficaces armas de destrucción masiva.

A propósito del amor, fue Pio Baroja quien dijo algo asi como que el amor no era mas que el engaño de la especie y el Manú opina que el amor lo inventaron los catalanes para ahorrarse las putas. Es broma.