ENK1_26 Chapter VI.

While he was walking, mentally he reviewed the previous moments: he just did let the guy, Murphy, at the central station, but was not convinced he was to meet the requirement to present himself immediately to the Sesgal of Mars: he had been obstinate with inviting to him to drink in a nearby Club where apparently he had played with an old group on some occasion, but its duty ended there, so that he did not care what Murphy decided to do or whatever it was what the Sect was organizing, it had reached become a very powerful organization, particularly on Mars, where he held the most important positions in the administration and even its rumored that some of major, secretly were financing the activities of the pirates from Deimos. At this point of the track of his thoughts Twentysix reached its destination; It was a perfectly normal home, rented surely for a few hours to its rightful owner.

Pushing the curtain he entered with a laconic hello barely outlined, addressing the only occupant of the house, who was dressed in some sort of ceremonial clothes and to whom certainly Murphy’s dog would have barked until exhausting the battery. As anyone who belonged to any kind of worship, he was a member of the Sect, under Catholic syncretism, ie universal, that characterized it. Twentysix was very hesitant about having any dealings with such people, in fact, was quite reluctant to deal with anyone beyond the purely necessary.
That individual, undeterred, waited a few seconds, perhaps to make sure that the newcomer came alone, before becoming interested in the subject by which had gathered there, and then without waiting for an answer, added with a slight gesture: sit down. When he do it, he saw on the table a small vial filled with red liquid and was going to pick it up when the guy warned: – If there is neuronal damage, the drug will not work or will go bad … has successfully tested in patients with identity crisis and in many cases it has managed to reveal repressed memories … in any case you will suffer monumental hallucinations …

What does mean “identity crisis”?! – growled Twentysix, but this man was not discouraged and pointing his large spectacles on it, he launched a question:
— Have crossed your mind the idea, that perhaps the medical team who treated you, after your rescue, could really not be very interested in to recover your memory?, in fact probably maybe tried the contrary. That remark leave him puzzled, why would they want to do that?. What does the Sect know that he ignored? The uncertainty earned a spot on his mind and suddenly felt guilty for being so naive all this time, the man could be right, had no idea of ​​the substances he had been taking, so I had no guarantee that treatments received were appropriate, also could explain why anything that had been attempted, it had not worked until now. Although he still struggled in his mind, his partner returned to the speech advising him, to ingest the drug in a controlled environment under the supervision of someone, blah, blah, blah … stopped really listening since then, while focusing his gaze warily in the tiny bottle at the same time he expected the obfuscation that it had invaded him, vanished and after a few moments, interrupting the chatter, he activated a projector that showed at a few centimeters on the table, the holographic image of an object, apparently clay, full of inscriptions. That guy suddenly looked puzzled and after careful examination of the hologram with some anxiety for a few minutes, obviously asked for the original.
Twentysix, who had regained his composture, at that moment felt that his goal was accomplished, undoubtedly he has curiousity about what it was hidden behind those strange squiggles from the piece of clay that, so eagerly sought the Sect and even the emperor himself, but for too long time the priority for him was just one and felt that nothing kept him there for longer. He got up, took the bottle, put down over the table a numbered key, corresponding to a locker at central station and without a word started to venture into the desert, determined to find out what could do that concoction.