ENK1 v26.01

Potpourri of effects such as Glow and SpaceWarps as Ripple and Gravity. The modeling of the logo or the path of Glow did not take a long, nor the use of the Unwrap modifier for the text neither modifier Flex, but the final rendering has had occupied over six hours to my Pc for a scene of just twelve seconds.

Actually all this that sounds complicated, it is not at all, is a bit laborious but not difficult. I have no very clear why the logo (this specie of eye) came out  blurred and obviously crystal balls have not the corresponding effect of sloshing in and out of the water. Lighting approaches what I sought, perhaps should have put some Omni lights scattered around the scene, to enhance the depth of the result.

Lighting is not easy, I mean it’s not as simple as putting a spotlight here and there, mainly because any change in intensity or position for example, affects the objects in the scene in general and in particular to each depending on material parameters, texture or map.

It was our Gaztetxe, years before I knew that there were places like that anywhere else. We met in what had been the home of the doorkeeper, under the stairs of a building of the time when there were still doorkeepers, on a narrow side street with no exit ,next to the St. George’s Anglican Church, in the Paseo de Reding, an alley then feinted to climb the steep hill to Gibralfaro through a hidden door with an arch, blinded by thorns, a remnant of the wall forgotten by the tourist routes, and urbanism plans.

For a time, in one of the rooms of that hole that reeked of cat and musty, there  slept the Tabletom group instruments’. Then, I was begining to play guitar  and still only dreamed of squeezing an electric guitar, so sneaking I dared to fumble the guitar of Perico, a pretty Fender Mustang, I think. Pepillo spent some afternoons with his flute, but Roberto, I do not remember having ever seen him  over there, of course that the only pot we had, proceeded from the seeds that are mixed as food for birds.

When I found out from local newspapers that Rockberto had died, I could have remembered to that guy of Antequera Rock the seventies,  shouting to the “Grays”(*), unintelligible things to the rhythm of reggae-jazz-rock, however, was the sweet memory of that house what came to me, I dedicate it to him.

(*)The grays were the Police, because they wore this colour.