Often we only see what it seems, and now it seems that Israel is abusing his power, it is not a mere appearance, most of us believe that violence and force with which Israel is striking back is definitely excessive, so much that the propaganda of the IRON DOME is laughable. But we do not live there, we only see what tell us one and another, what the reports say, the figures and gory details in the print media. However, digging a little in history, it is not impossible to get an idea.

The bad thing of the Arab-Israeli conflict is that the Arabs of the area have come to believe that they are Palestinians and that the Jews are Israelis, when in fact a large majority of both groups of people are descendants of immigrants. Another issue is the use of Israel by the United States, and “Palestine” by the Arab world. Before the twenties, most of the region had been virtually abandoned for centuries, travelers and historians attest, the volume of Arab population soared only after the arrival of the Jews, after the first and during the second war world. Palestine as independent territory has never existed, when occasionally the region was called in that way, it was always under the occupation of the Romans ( after they crushed all rebellions of the Jews ) at first, then the Arabs (as a military district and only a ‘sub-province “of the Arab Caliphate according to Wikipedia) and the English more recently commissioned by the League of Nations in order to create a “Jewish national home”. Moreover the original “Palestinians” were actually European people from the Aegean orbit, the “Philistim” of the Bible, the Philistines from the invasions of the “Sea Peoples” dated to 1200 BC, while Moses and the Israelites were settled there for more than two hundred years before. Palestine is a fiction, not the victims of the conflict, although they are over all Arabs. Israel on the other hand is a reality, is a fully functional state (from the more generalized optical) well-funded and better protected militarily. This, among other things, has greatly favored the Jewish population believe that the country is really their country, which is also one thing so they always have cried: from the Babylonian deportation did not come to have a territory to call their own, until 1948, when they declared themselves an independent state, which led to war with the Arab world. Since then the Jews, with best and worst rulers have built, paved, created infrastructures and put in value huge areas of pure wilderness despite wars, boycotts, and suicide bombings.

The “Palestinians” leaders by contrast only live to see the time when all the “Palestinian” territories were no longer occupied territories, which means in practice to remove Jews from the Middle East. It does not seem that these “leaders” have been concerned to put in value anything, provide livelihoods for its population, which apparently is used at will as human shields. The only ethics that is taught both television and in arab schools (which is certainly more severe) in the area is the hate, and to mount an AK-47 is between the skills practiced by children, according I have seen on YouTube. Just no help from the immensely wealthy Arab countries, comes to population, no one knows what happens with most of the money. Sectors of the Arab world in the absence of media and industry coverage of the American-Israeli armamentistic framework, have created a ghost army with green and black zombies that appear and disappear here and there with which wrongly try to impress the rest of the world and deal with the arrogance of the true professionals of terror. Given the lack of insight of the Palestinian leadership or obedience to interests other than those of the population, the UN seeks to end the conflict by creating two separate (and hardly inter-communicable) Palestinian states, based in the difference of opinion between the governments of each, the result is that while ones observe overwhelmed the proliferation of Jewish settlements within its territory, the others are willing to sacrifice their people only to influence public opinion. Unfortunately, Gazans have apparently come to believe that this may be a way of life.