The Pope in his popemobile seems an old relic in a glass case, carefully conditioned, so that moisture and temperature levels do not spoil it. The deployment of the 10,000 “effective” (note that in journalistic jargon, does not seem to talk about people, human beings, but of “units” of a measurement system, as if they could be bought by weight or so), it seems logical, considering the instability of the current situation, is merely a reflection of profound fear that the “authorities” feel  of that the plum escapes of their hands, so all of them have spoken overwhelmingly in favor of the visit Benedict Ratzinger, ones to do not to lose votes, and others to be recognized as true sons of Mother Church and its more than questionable oeuvre. The touch of color have been put by the military, as usual, the Legion parading and besides have been effectuated aerial displays, the typical epic paraphernalia of  this particular mysticism, that characterizes the Church of Rome from before of the Crusades , the show is served, if  we do not have enough with football.

No one’s surprise this sinister marriage between the Church and the military? Because it seems to me aberrant, what can I say?, all this show seems to me as more of a “close ranks” of all  powers of western society, a back to the origins of “civilization” against the feelings of billions of people, all around the world,  that are becoming more aware of be being cheated and do not trust anymore in their “leaders.”

There is whom seems irrelevant that the Pope has recovered the tradition of wearing red shoes, interrupted by his predecessor with the sole purpose to get away from a symbology that identified the head of the Church with the pomp of emperors and kings of antiquity, but it is well known that Ratzinger has expressed willingness to retake decrepit concepts and dogmas, we must not forget this.
Now has come and has talked about the economy in a critical tone in front of the cameras, and then I tell myself,  What is this?, Does  the Vatican have fear, “the Institute of Pity”  that someone stealing its leadership over the oppressed?, no wonder that the “outraged people” be pissed off, because  have swiped the message to them and what is more serious, has separate the young “believers” from the rest of others. What this plethora  of “volunteers”,who have volunteered to assist in the staging, ignores,  is how much is going to be swelled the figures of expenditure, in order to that the organizers may deduct from the income tax, a substantial figure. The young “believers”  in contradistinction to the “Outraged people”, unfortunately, are very poorly informed, they just “believe..”, “trust” …., they have been educated in that way, not their fault that their minds have been programmed, and of course, do not realize that the Church really has little or nothing to do with “Christianity”, naively I would recommend that read more in general and at least the “Bible”, I say “naive” because I doubt that  it going to happen. This is one of the major flaws of Catholicism,  the little relevance that has, between the so-called “Catholic”, the direct knowledge of their own holy book, even centuries after that the prohibition to read it  is over, but is also a fact that neither Lutherans or Jews or Muslims have build fairer societies, even though some of them have come to learn their texts by heart.

It is grotesque how the Power strives to incorporate what represents a threat to the status quo, from punk more radical to Gandhi, I mean, today you can buy a shirt of Che Guevara “made in USA” (of course, after to be executed by the same U.S. Army) or even of Stalin, so freedom of expression is also quite profitable, so that everything, anything, however revolutionary it is, just being a product labeled, cataloged and ready for consumption. They have this special tool able to channel for its own benefit virtually any social movement, a virtual instrument that works like a magic wand and we call money, although unfortunately seems to have the power to corrupt what it touches, but when eventually along the history, the magic disappears from the pockets of the majority, then one way or another war comes, the more profitable business of all time, sometimes with the connivance of any of the above confessions.
Christianity became part of the system at the time of Constantine, and curiously in less than a year (313-314 AD) the followers of Christ changed from persecuted to persecutors, from marginalized to excluders, from martyrs, to sophisticated torturers, and murderers.
More than 1500 years later, after centuries of religious wars, Inquisitorial terrorism and  psychological confiscation , the French Revolution gave the bourgeoisie the ability to free themselves from the privileges of the Church and so it was, among other things, until in 1929  was put a stop to the confiscation when Benito Mussolini created the Vatican  State. Whoever wants to understand who understands.