This month I followed some tutorials on After Effects and I have recorded 2012_X  to dismiss this old cosmic era with something that sounds like old school, so there will not be soliloquy until next year. Also it would be too risky to venture anything on the eve of the expected “Mayan Apocalypse” as they call it, a spiritual shift that will lead the world into a new era in which all the current problems will be a thing of the past, something too obvious to be significant, otherwise. What I mean is that no one knows yet where will disembogue this current crisis, which in itself is already a birth, so you could say that the change has already begun. Anyway, I hope all of us have health because money, it seems not .

A bit crude the result and it produces dizziness, also is too dark, which is logical since I link the waveform of the music to the opacity of both the background and the contrail, yet the effect is very interesting, the render took about forty minutes, not much, and it can use text or glow. I will test it.