Time and space shape a single substance.

Matter and Energy are bands of a single spectrum.


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Subtitling is relatively easy, to see if I find time to do some things out there in English that I consider interesting. Things like this unspeakable speech of Chaplin in the film “The Great Dictator”, perhaps a bit outdated but by no means obsolete, today is the oppressive system of banking, but the meaning is perfectly extrapolated. I say unspeakable because it is a comedy, in theory but is also dramatic … well, the truth is that for me it was more comfortable in this occasion subtitling this sofisticated adaptation of Melodysheep that I got from YouTube than puzzle over the words, to end saying at the end what has been said so often and rarely more clear than in this clip.

To subtitle it only takes the notebook, but it is useful to have a couple of little programs: VirtualDub and Subtitler Workshop.

The best of Melodysheep is this Rap of Science in my opinion, although they have other interesting clips and I don’t say that just for the presence of Ali G which on the other hand is fantastic as always, I say I have enjoyed with the Synth Bass line.

Here, the original version with spanish subtitles. There is another one translated but it losts so much.