The purpose of life

In the movie “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”,  people built a giant supercomputer, to unveil the meaning of life and after years of calculations, the result was exactly 42. In the midst of general astonishment, the same machine advises build another much larger supercomputer to solve the enigmatic number. It’s a good parody of science, how the search for answers, often it raises more questions than answers.

At present, the essence of reality, is more ethereal than ever. From a few hundred years to now, physics had shown that things fall under its own weight and the atom was actually the last indivisible particle, science provided a firm ground to tread on and  until recently people lived around the world relied on that things are as they are because could not be otherwise. Before all this, even before the triumph of scientism, before the mechanical universe, people were convinced that all that exists is the work of this or that god, thing that at least, if you are not intellectually curious, automatically eliminated any concern about this kind of things.

Today however, the strange dynamic of the quarks, the decoherence between the laws of relativity and quantum mechanics, the discovery of huge quantities of dark matter, the new concept of dark energy, the elusive boson of Higgs, the theory M and other super dilemmas, disturbs and maintains the scientific community divided, so they just put in motion the largest scientific instrument of all time, the huge particle accelerator or Large Hadron Collider (LHC), but until it starts to bear fruit in the meantime, although some said that it will bring the end of the world, the researchers continue racking their brains with theories about multidimensional universes, plagued of branes, Occam’s razors and event horizons.

In order to ask about the meaning of life, to inquire to ourselves about the purpose of existence, of course we must first know what is the life, for which is, usually, enough to be alive. In our case, as human beings, if there is not a purpose beyond the devastation, which by the moment is what we do the best, the issue is settled and the Big Bangs are just that, absolutely untimely spontaneous explosions, of which we are a random result, an abrupt unexpected appearance of consciousness, but if there is a purpose, if there is a reason for the existence of the cosmos and ourselves inside it, we not know it yet, so it remains an obligation to find out it. Ignoring any purpose in any case there should be a cause at least, and this is what keeps busy to a good number of researchers, including those that shuffled the possibility that the universe was collapsing in the critical moment of the explosion, retaking up the old theory of an oscillating universe, against the followers of the M-theory and his p-branes who insure can to explain the phenomenon of decoherence and the entanglement of particles at the subatomic scale, between others microcosmic fancy stuff, which is actually the current candidate to become on the Theory of Everything.

The philosophical implications arising from quantum mechanics are impressive and revealing, the world, anything, it’s only a handful of almost nothing, a cluster of interactions, labyrinths of particles that behave like waves and vice versa, they have besides capacity come and go through other dimensions instantly, as if for them, time and space meant nothing at all, so they can be there or not and even the two things at once. For more that are looking what stuff that made up the reality, only is found that there’s more empty space than expected and what we consider matters tangibly, what we are able to see and touch are really just clouds electrons, interacting continuously with the light, the air ….

What says the philosophy ?, It is clear that I am deliberately leaving aside all this accumulation of speculations that have been piling up since the beginning of time, the result of the efforts of the human being, with no more tools than the observation and thought, to solve the riddle of existence. I dispense of it because technology now provides some tools such as Image by Functional Magnetic Resonance (fMRI) in the field of neuroscience, what allowing many closer to the essence of being than before, though we are not in this point, in that moment in which thanks to telescope, ancient astrology became in astronomy , we can say that experts dominate the astrolabe, so that the classical philosophers, are lagging behind compared with the new neuro-philosophers and/or psycho-scientifics, who experimentally , currently they are being able to translate to the electrochemical language our own thoughts.

The existence is so fleeting and fragile that it can seem almost an accident, a collateral consequence of the sex impulse, besides is an imposed fact, no one can choose whether or when or under what conditions to be born, however although this presupposes some cosmic function that it escapes us, we are all sent to fight in a front invented by others, to play a part in a deplorable, inherited scenario, run by dark stagehands that would have us believe they know what they do, so that somehow we are condemned to be happy.

The concept of existence is proving much more complex than it initially seems. We have our senses modulated only in function of certain specific needs, we are able to see only a very narrow range of all colors of the chromatic spectrum, we hear only a certain range of the band of sound frequencies and thus with the rest of our senses, in fact the world in the shape that is perceived by the rest of living beings, is quite different from ours, because their senses are modulated to perceive the environment in terms of their own physical and vital needs, even within from the same species, each individual obtains an image of reality to the extent of its capabilities, which can be very different from that of any other, anyway, apart the way the universe is perceived, there are other dimensions, other universes, and although at the moment, they can only be glimpsed mathematically, is possible that our “whole” can be a fraction of a much larger whole that is completely foreign to our senses in ordinary cases, excepting some Tibetan monks and consumers of ayahuasca.
el gato de Schrödinger (I)
el gato de Schrödinger (II)