Past, Present and Future of Europe.

This is a relevant video, to get an idea of what goes on in the higher spheres.

It’s a long coversacion, lasts longer than an hour and a half, maybe I should have had to cut it, to extract the brightest arguments, but I have not, mainly because I think the storyline has its own points of inflexion, there are reflexive passages and others, which can bring out strong emotions and together, if you are able to follow the dialogues, sometimes too agile, they create a fairly comprehensive picture of what I wanted to synthesize in the title of this entry.

I am not an economist, so I have been obliged to investigate some of the terms that are put forward here as if they were in the public domain. There is no too much to explain, the own protagonists explain for themselves great. I leave the links of the terms that may be most enigmatic, but it is not difficult to find information about any of the terms and names mentioned during the conversation.

Gold Standard. is a monetary system.

Condorcet. It refers to a mathematical paradox.

Nicholas Kaldor. He predicted the failure of certain neo-liberal policies.

Coase. Ronald Coase, a Nobel laureate, author of the Coase theorem.
I hope that the translation does not detract too much value to the discussion in the video.


Political momentum.

Simplifying too much, one could say that the human being participates from two natures, one intellectual and another emotional, theoretically the first should serve, among other things, to control or manage the second, but in practice just the opposite happens: feelings , passions, instead of reflection seem to lead our lives, and that’s why twitter is the political paradise for trolls.

The political scene has always been a good expression for the democratic process, however election campaigns are more like a sporting event than a representation, although all have seen that some player drops to the floor, occasionally, expressing certain dramatic skills, but basically there is an objective, by which fight each other, in front of television cameras: the divine “center”, the holy grail, that miraculous speech able to please everyone all the time, a mere fiction that ultimately highlights the theatrical aspect of competitive sport.

Things have changed a lot since the left and right terms were forged in the second half of eighteenth century, this old right wing traditionally patriotic, it has left behind the religious and national tare, and is immersed in the maelstrom of the international financial system and its tax havens, projecting itself unambiguously to the global economy of the auto established neoliberal world order. In the United States it has even emerged a right-wing extremist stream, which likes to be called “Libertarian” and that openly advocates the disappearance of the state and the handover of power to tyranny of corporations. From the economic sphere, political power is perceived as a hindrance, a drag on the breakneck pace of that virtual upstart monster, the giant entity we call market, currently the true God, the only homeland and the powerful owner of the right.

“A special feature of neoliberalism is that it is neither new nor is liberal” says Chomsky also in the video. The reality is that the subworld of finance, is prepared to supplant the popular will, and has articulated mechanisms to regularize a situation in which things like national sovereignty have no meaning when the financial balance is negative, so people without proper constitutional coverage become objects, machines that can be useful, but in pieces are worth more than a whole. Perhaps this is why the collective subconscious seems to know from ancient that things cost a kidney or an eye of the face and does not mention people. Nonsense aside, left wing, literally absent for decades, actually has it very easy, “the right wing has gone so right winged that has left the spectrum,” says Chomsky once again in the video, so the only thing it should be done is appealing to common sense, and dignity of people, elementary things that not only the left wing advocated, not so long ago.

In Europe has emerged DIEM25 movement, which advocates establishing a European constitution, a parliament, in short all the institutions needed for a State of Rights, something that it should have been done first, before letting the predatory instinct of financial conglomerates took the reins of our lives.

A federal, truly democratic Europe could make a difference in the world.