Every man for himself, the last is a fag

A few days ago Mr. Botín gave the starting shot, by saying publicly that “the Brand Spain ” was hurting him, because his larger volume of business, is abroad, which is a way of saying: I have enough money, to go out of here. Then Telefónica has manifested itself in similar terms and other multinationals such as Nokia have been encouraged to swell the numbers of unemployed in pro the common good of them. Some people, very, very Spaniards, Surf into the flagship of the Spain that are ready to strip, Since a former Labor Minister of Aznar’s time, to a son-in-law of the king.

In general, public opinion has spoken out against such actions for much that publicly traded, largely concerned about the cost that can represent for their own pockets, although it is true that we have paid the financial outrages of Banking without murmur, so I think is a meanness worry about how much goes to cost maintain tens of thousands of unemployed besides of the more than four million. Even the Church, which until recently considered the authorities must be obeyed blindly  like a sacred duty and which, until a bit ago, blessed guns to kill “reds” (leftists in general), in multitudinous religious acts, now, it is dropping by the press with verbal “ear pullings”, against capitalism and governments. The majority unions, on the other hand, languish for decades, prey to a deadly slumber, lulled by the siren chants of  “permanent negotiation”  and  “social peace” and obviously the thunderous number of unemployed  has not yet reached the point of representing a risk to their candid rest. Finally, politicians wash their hands like Pilate, while the powerful macroeconomic sons, strip their mothers, exposing them to the voracity of the subcontractors. If you make a movie of the situation might be called “Take the Money and Run”, unfortunately the title is already taken but could not be expressed better the  future expectations  for “the brand Spain. ”

Interestingly, countries seemingly unimportant  like Norway, exploit properly  its resources and enjoy in its studied anonymity, social and economic conditions enviable, while boastful neighborhood countries, potentially rich, they collapse in the maelstrom of financial engineering, amid cheers to billionaires sport players. Hopefully, the Apocalypse of the doomsayers of 2012 falling on the heads of the entrepreneurs and their major shareholders, banks, though I fear, given the apathy that dominates Europe;  it seems that ultimately we will know, serviles as cattle, to provide the hump to charge, once again, their indolent asses.

I do not want to be uncouth, but sterile arguments  as the “labor meritocracy” (sic), I mean, earn more if we produce more, which is ultimately what is sought, is not going to get us out of this crisis and certainly it will deepen social differences. As individuals frankly we have some right to make mistakes, as a species, definitely not.

I do not want to leave this post without referring to Fukushima, which has been, is and will be, because the radiation does not disappear just like that, an unfortunate disaster and those who felt it was worth the risk of using uranium and its derivatives to produce energy, they are directly responsible, ie all the world’s governments,  irresponsible politicians advised by unscrupulous businessmen, in Spain we still pay the tax-blackmail by the nuclear moratorium. Personally I think the international project of hydrogen fusion power plant (is not an irony) based in France and should open in 2015 will not be affected because if successful, will be able to solve the real global problem, which is the energy issue.