People with lots of money have gathered at DAVOS 2017 to tell us in a show of transparency that they are filling their pockets, and that from now on they intend to continue doing so. They have put it on YouTube under the heading ” Global economy outlook“. They have also said that in the near future they want to eliminate the working class with the help of technology, although they have not said what will happen to the middle class. They have not mentioned the Syrian war or any of the ongoing conflicts, nor have they of course dealt with climate change in any way. It is not reproachable, it must be said, it was not in the script. Here a short video caption as a summary:

Christine Lagarde was there for the IMF, impassive as a first generation automaton, verbalizing figures and percentages based on “models” that showed that everything is going very well. Then there was Wolfgang Schauble, for the Bundesbank, with a lamentable aspect and in a wheelchair talking without saying anything. A smiling Haruiko Kuroda from the Bank of Japan obviated the Fuckushima disaster that apparently had no impact at all on the Japanese economy and also Philip Hammond for Great Britain defended the virtues that would bring to the international community the scission of his country from the international community, Larry Fink on behalf of the “private sector” joked openly that his country, the United States, was the most indebted in the world. But of course, everyone was perfectly in agreement that politics, not to mention democracy and migratory crises, mentioned as if they were flocks of birds, were the problem. Although they may well be qualified as followers of the Antichrist, or kids, it is not in that way, apparently they are adult human beings, so equals and as differents as each of us, just they are much better paid.
There is a video of the Royal Institution dealing with Chaos Theory, dark matter and economics, where a theoretical physicist, Andrew Pontzen,  gives the opinion that the economy deserves to physicists, I have subtitled it because it is for laughing in order to not crying.