Nothingness is not nothing

Several ancient cultures dispute for the fact of having invented the number zero, a necessary tool for mathematics to work. The thing went well until some disciples of Pythagoras, who as a geometer was a fanatic of the whole numbers, discovered the existence of irrational numbers, with an infinite number of decimals, something very crazy for the time; people died due to it. Later, Newton managed to lift an image of a mechanical universe that remained standing until Einstein began to shake it. The not so modern quantum mechanics now comes to dynamite the idea of emptiness, of zero, of nothing, by the hands of researchers like David Tong, as shown in this short video:

David Bohm would surely have loved it. The truth is that Einstein’s relativity explains only the sensitive universe and has little or nothing to do with reality which our limited senses cannot perceive, that of which we are all made; The fluctuating subatomic universe, saturated, filled with electromagnetic, gravitational, quantum fields, each composed of particles that follow rules different from those of classical physics … that is why quantum mechanics was invented. It’s nothing unusual, it happened with the zero, Newton had to invent the calculus …

Heisenberg demonstrated conclusively the validity of quantum mechanics with its famous uncertainty principle: in the macroscopic world, there is nothing that prevents knowing the position and momentum (which is a value to the direction and velocity) of a ball in movement for instance; in the microscopic world of the Plank scale, this is not as such; When the position is calculated with a very low degree of indetermination, that is to say, the more accurate is the position’s measurement, the particle’s momentum value becomes highly imprecise and vice versa:


Professor Walter Lewin explains it masterfully in this video, where he first exposes how unfortunate is the image we all have of the atom with its electrons orbiting around the nucleus in a solar system way, and in the end demonstrates with an experiment the mathematical predictions of Heisenberg. The video is long but worth it, in any case, it’s a fact that the behavior of electrons within any chip is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics; which means, that it works, although no one knows very well why.

Like all previous researchers, the present ones are also having problems to prove their theories by means of experiments, but they are on it, apparently they have already found the way to avoid the annoying principle of Heisenberg, without violating it. One of the fattest problems is that normal binary processors go wrong when they have to work with astronomical numbers; hence they are willing to build quantum processors. Andrew Pontzen explains it briefly:

However, it is possible that the biggest problem is that there are too many theories derived from quantum mechanics, many of which are incompatible with each other, so some think that perhaps a simpler way of explaining observations might be found. Terry Rudolph says that we may have to forget the anthropocentric vision that our primate senses have created from reality, in order to really understand it; and to illustrate it, he shows how something like this happened to the astronomers before Galileo, who were forced to design a complex system of geometrical juggling, pretty nice-looking actually, so that the measurements might fit the observations and the prescriptions of religion, which required the earth to be in the center of the solar system … and of the whole universe in fact:

Geocentric                                                 heliocentric

Before Galileo                                                                                  After Galileo


Andrew Pontzen

David Tong

Walter Lewin

Terry Rudolph



People with lots of money have gathered at DAVOS 2017 to tell us in a show of transparency that they are filling their pockets, and that from now on they intend to continue doing so. They have put it on YouTube under the heading ” Global economy outlook“. They have also said that in the near future they want to eliminate the working class with the help of technology, although they have not said what will happen to the middle class. They have not mentioned the Syrian war or any of the ongoing conflicts, nor have they of course dealt with climate change in any way. It is not reproachable, it must be said, it was not in the script. Here a short video caption as a summary:

Christine Lagarde was there for the IMF, impassive as a first generation automaton, verbalizing figures and percentages based on “models” that showed that everything is going very well. Then there was Wolfgang Schauble, for the Bundesbank, with a lamentable aspect and in a wheelchair talking without saying anything. A smiling Haruiko Kuroda from the Bank of Japan obviated the Fuckushima disaster that apparently had no impact at all on the Japanese economy and also Philip Hammond for Great Britain defended the virtues that would bring to the international community the scission of his country from the international community, Larry Fink on behalf of the “private sector” joked openly that his country, the United States, was the most indebted in the world. But of course, everyone was perfectly in agreement that politics, not to mention democracy and migratory crises, mentioned as if they were flocks of birds, were the problem. Although they may well be qualified as followers of the Antichrist, or kids, it is not in that way, apparently they are adult human beings, so equals and as differents as each of us, just they are much better paid.
There is a video of the Royal Institution dealing with Chaos Theory, dark matter and economics, where a theoretical physicist, Andrew Pontzen,  gives the opinion that the economy deserves to physicists, I have subtitled it because it is for laughing in order to not crying.



Re-reading the ancient Sumerian myths, within the extensive epic poem “Lugal.e” of over seven hundred verses, also known as “Ninurta and the Stones “Or in English,” Ninurta’s exploits ” I have stumbled upon what might be considered a glimpse of Holocene in Mesopotamia, at the beginning of the thaw:


“At this time, life-giving water,

It still did not flow from the ground

Rather, transformed into accumulated ice

When it merged, it formed ravines in the mountains

In such a way that the gods of the country

Submitted to this forced labor,

They had, for such was their work,

To carry with the beak and the carrycot.

For there were no other workers to turn to,

in order to ensure production.

At its highest level the Tigris still did not provoke

The floodwaters

And as it didn’t yet disembogue into the sea,

He did not pour his fresh water there. ”


It is significant that the Euphrates is not mentioned, which supports the theory of the existence of a single primordial river, which, after sealing the Arabian Gulf with the silt dragged from the mountains, turned southern Mesopotamia into a marshy jungle. We are talking about antediluvian times, when, according to the myth, man had not yet been created. No doubt the text is evocative, combining physical aspects of nature and mithological concepts known.

It is fascinating to be able to count on texts as old as this, although it  was composed about 2100 BC, after the fall of Akkad because of the Guti invasions, probably in Gudea times, as there are mentions in the text which suggest it (1), we can not date the previous oral tradition, probably millennial. Unfortunately the text is a pure pastiche of previous traditions, with the sole object of glorifying the god of the Girsu area, Lagash and surroundings, also Nippur. Lagash means “warehouse” and it is probable that from there, the remains of the Sumerian oligarchy, once destroyed the Akkadian empire, to which they were subject, tried to reconstruct its old power.

Gudea is an atypical character, Researchers are reluctant to translate his name, although the meaning seems obvious:


GU                                                DE                                         A

So “Gu” is “voice”, “De” is “to spread”, in sum is usually translated as “calling”, “naming”, “speaking” or even “reading(in public)”. “a” is a verbal suffix here, that functions as a particle to construct the participle of the verb, so it can be translated as” the named, called or convoked “, which coincides with what we know of this character, since he did not belong to the Royal house, also interestingly his devotion was not addressed exclusively to Ninurta, the official god of the kingdom, but to Ningishzidda and his wife Geshtinanna, which abounds in the theory that he was not a type of the area. It is believed that it was the king of Lagash, Urbaba who fabricated the framework that would lead to the rebirth of Sumerian hegemony, placing one of his daughters as a high priestess in Ur and marrying another with “the chosen one”, there is no record of why this guy in particular.

For a while it occurred to me that perhaps Gudea was a Guti convert, given the phonetic similarity, would not be an isolated case, the Goths and Scandinavian tribes had that kind of relation with the preexisting monarchies, as can be seen in the fantastic TV series, “Vikings”. However, I abandoned the idea after finding that the names of Gudea and Gutium had nothing to do according to the cuneiform writting:


This was not the case for the researcher Julius Oppert, who made absurd claims of racial character on the Guti people, although it is very probable that their origin is Caucasian, obviously he was mediated by racism that had been generalized in large parts of Europe in its time. He claimed, for example, that NAM.RUM or NAM.RU.TUM, as the captured Guti slaves were called, meant “light colored”, and even came to assimilate the Guti with the Goths and the Scandinavians, despite the distance in the time. Who knows, the Celts have been known since prehistory even though their original name, “Gauls or Gaelics” has been replaced by the Greek equivalent Keltoi. Another thing is the meaning of NAM.RUM, which does not seem to mean what Oppert defended, and although even today many experts refuse to pronounce themselves, declaring the term as untranslatable, there are several options: “NAM.RA” means literally “Booty animate”, “prisoner” probably, and along with “RU” (architectural feature) and “TUM” (perfect) could be read as “masonry slaves”, in fact NAM is the prefix of multiple professions related to manual work.

In the rest of the poem, Ninurta dispatches the rebellion of populations dedicated to the supply of lytic material, represented as a fearsome a.sag (demon, disease, misfortune).


(1) On the Diorite: “… When a king, for ever famous, wishes to command that eternal statues be carved with you, to erect them there, where the libations are done…”

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