Past, Present and Future of Europe.

This is a relevant video, to get an idea of what goes on in the higher spheres.

It’s a long coversacion, lasts longer than an hour and a half, maybe I should have had to cut it, to extract the brightest arguments, but I have not, mainly because I think the storyline has its own points of inflexion, there are reflexive passages and others, which can bring out strong emotions and together, if you are able to follow the dialogues, sometimes too agile, they create a fairly comprehensive picture of what I wanted to synthesize in the title of this entry.

I am not an economist, so I have been obliged to investigate some of the terms that are put forward here as if they were in the public domain. There is no too much to explain, the own protagonists explain for themselves great. I leave the links of the terms that may be most enigmatic, but it is not difficult to find information about any of the terms and names mentioned during the conversation.

Gold Standard. is a monetary system.

Condorcet. It refers to a mathematical paradox.

Nicholas Kaldor. He predicted the failure of certain neo-liberal policies.

Coase. Ronald Coase, a Nobel laureate, author of the Coase theorem.
I hope that the translation does not detract too much value to the discussion in the video.


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