Ecclesia vs Church


Fernando Vallejo hates the Church, especially the Catholic , to the Protestant  or evangelists he just despises  them as the Islam. He has reasons and are not new , for centuries have been debated and apparently no convince to those  who have decided to have faith , reason and logic are worthless against willful blindness . Millennia of corruption , torture, murder , genocide and lies , in short almost every kind of injustice are brought to light in the book ” The Whore of Babylon ” where , with the angry tone of a Dominican friar just next to bonfire , between curses and insults , somehow dismantel  the fabric and turns everything upside down , giving us an idea of ​​the magnitude of the mess along the time,  showing also some more nonsenses , related to the alleged authorship of the biblical texts and the very life of the protagonist .
Had there been no Christianity , Constantine still could have chosen any of the variants of Gnosticism , Zoroastrianism or Mithraism or between other endless isms and still thus the world  maybe it not would have been very different from current , since in many cases these faiths did share some aspects of worship or complemented each other in some way; were not so different . It is true that Gnosticism was too impregnated by Egypt, as Zoroastrianism was too Persian and Mithraism , where Christians took part in the rituals for their own liturgy , was as old as the Vedas in India , however the Christianity despite being derived from Hebrew adaptations of several myths of the two most ancient civilizations of the cultural environment  , the Mesopotamian and Egyptian , was a new religion , forged in the field of Hellenism , but without compromises , it was fresh and malleable. Constantine wanted to bring religion into his empire and chose the vilified Christian doctrine, to challenge Maxentius , another emperor with who he had to share the control of the Roman Empire and therefore he should be eliminated. It was a strategy , a matter of political and religious uniformity , an issue in the mind of the Holy Emperor (of the Orthodox schism) , but for Christians of then, become the official religion of the empire, again unified , it meant the shot out that many expected to loot , to murder, torture and so on with total impunity in the name of God.
What really stands out is the degree of blindness that humans impose on themselves , which often prevents us from seeing the obvious and act accordingly , so unexpectedly it ends just working for those who do not want us well . So Fernando Vallejo also hates people, not all people but to the most collaborationist and indeed not wrong so much. There would not have been criminal and lewd Popes if it would not  been people willing to satisfy  the most intimate needs of the power and prosper by any means. It is enough of consecrate the blessed “people”, that social sector where apart from the large number of honest people , also are extracted the murderers, whores, figureheads and sneaks, so useful them all . When we speak of “the people ” , referring to ordinary citizens , we pay lip service to the term, but it is certainly overrated, does not deserve a name because it really does not seem to be an entity , is the only supposed power lacking of any significant organization , unlike the other organisms that exist currently in the society, so each time he has starred in something, it has been induced for someone , hunger and despair and always acting in a chaotic mode and often terrifying and beastly ( paraphrasing a dialog MIB : “the mass is a stupid and dangerous animal). The social movement 15M is the exception that proves the rule and a true Church in the etymological sense of the original unchristian Greek “ekklēsía” ( ἐκκλησία ) : a gathering of people convened to discuss publicly political issues .
“The Whore of Babylon” as I say, is a summary from his origins of the outrages committed in the name of Christian doctrine, a stentorian denunciation between sarcasm and mockery, plenty of outbursts against all the dirty tricks, fallacies and abuses that has allowed, committed or in which it has participated Christian dogma. It is a thoroughly irreverent and foul-mouthed book, because it seems impossible for the author to address the issue in any other way. It can not be said to be wrong, and although there is much express hatred into the book, yet it seems clear that treating in terms so “vulgar” to the Church can be somehow a kind of exorcism, a  “vade retro” against  that paraphernalia to domesticate of these wolves in clothing of sheeps of God  . Provocation against the general ignorance and mindless submission of the masses to obscure traditions. Provocation against the general ignorance and mindless submission of the masses to obscure traditions, although in the book there are some errors, inadvertent or not,  I guess the author will say that  if we are talking about bullshit, we are all entitled. Anyway, apparently many of the early Christians were wrong and did not understand the meaning of what is expressed in the doctrinal texts. Who is without sin cast the first stone
Now while I understand the position of the author , I share the amazement with the late Saramago by the mere fact that the book exists , which has allowed its publication in a country for centuries subjected to religious tradition…it is rare that nobody has wanted to enter in the matter. But these are strange times , without going too far seems to have  some controversy around another book that I do not go to read in this case , this time signed by such Constanza Miriano where apparently simply disclose or develop an old  biblical adage absolutely anachronistic and politically incorrect: the woman must submit to the will of man, God’s representative on earth before her . If Catholic women bothered to read the Bible ( Ephesians 5:23) it is likely that many fall into the account of the error in which they are or it may not . Who cares, in the end, anyway, a theoretically secular civil democracy that bans political parties, censures books and penalizes public manifestations, despite of  political parties are fascists, the  books are bigoted and the meetings are peaceful, is not real democracy .

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