Flocks of gulls and other birds passed  about the same hour, every day, over the roof of my house, at dusk, sometimes on a column, all in the same direction. Through the news, the whole world knew about the Fukushima disaster in Japan, the movement of the crust that caused the   fateful tsunami that toppled a few degrees, the Earth’s axis . The birds now spend over a neighbor’s house, about sixty or seventy meters  away.

Everything is in motion, but we choose to ignore it. In fact surrounds us from the inside even though we have the impression of stand stopped  for example when we stand motionless at a stoplight, but obviously this is just an impression, because around us vehicles and pedestrians flow, and within us, our organs shed certain substances  into the bloodstream, boosted by the too often monotonous mechanical movements of the mind, all without taking into account that the Earth and all that it contains, moves in space at the crazy speed of 30 km per second, a barbarity if compare with the insignificant 350 m / s of a bullet. Seen this way, peace is more of a mood.

Memory neither is static, it is not like the hard disk of a PC, not a file or a warehouse, is a mental process reconstructive, we never will get an exact copy of what once was and that from that moment on, passed to be automatically deconstructed, in a certain number of aspects that are encrypted separately, in different brain areas. When we remember, all the ingredients needed to compose the memory are selectively collected and combined as a cocktail, liberally seasoned with our emotional  and gastrointestinal state, at that particular time and therefore does not seem advisable to rely too much on our memories. And is that the brain constantly deceives us, not only through our senses, but at the same time works surreptitiously in the background, which to breathing is fine, but that makes it responsible of, for example, that our body accumulate unnecessary fat, in response of opaques survival  protocols, ie giving priority to the faculty to dispose of reserves, at the expense of our self-esteem, regardless of whatever it is our opinion or What about pain? is supposed to be only an alarm signal, but will not stop ringing even though we have already noticed ourselves the damage. Yet the brain is the only tool we have to discern reality. And the information, always is have thought that the ignorance is the guilty  to the world’s ills, lack of information, but things have not changed, so it means that we prefer not to know, there are things much more fun.

Often called reality to everything that is visible,  but in the universe, the amount of matter that is likely to be affected in some way by the light, is only slightly more than 5% of all existing matter, so that whatever we usually consider important, in practice is fairly anodyne, but life, understood as an abstract concept, it certainly has value, a low worth in quantitative terms, but very significant probabilistically speaking.
Some researchers are drawing conclusions from their findings and at this point there is no doubt that everything is interconnected at a subatomic scale and is part of something that is to be defined. The fact is that usually what we call reality is simply the result of an intricate web of interactions starring by ghostly probabilities of different wave functions, scientists now, have practically given up all hope of finding the particle that would provide mass to the matter, the hypothetical Higgs boson, after to have unsuccessly analyzed the 95% of the particles obtained through the Tavatron at the Fermilab in Chicago  after twenty years of continuous work. Our materialist society, we ourselves, have forgotten what the tribes call “primitive” intuit, the notion of being one with nature and the whole. In many respects it is the basis of the traditional magic of what we now understand as “shamanism,” Witchcraft, and it can be traced to the spells and chthonic rituals  from the cultures of the Holocene. Intuition is a mental phenomenon insufficiently studied.

On the planet, every day, a good part of humanity temporarily disappears from circulation, while the rest strives. Sleep steals third of our lives. We prefer to ignore than life and death can be sides of a coin, at the molecular scale, step by step, imperceptibly, we die and we reborn in some way, because our cells are constantly renewed throughout life a lot of times, but of course, we all prefer to be definitively absent better after than before, in contrast to many other aspects of life, where we want everything for yesterday. In any case, the fact is that we live from back to death, focusing our efforts on what our senses show us, we accept the obtained image as if were real and then we boldly brandish it, against the authentic general reality. Our human eyes tell us that color exists, although is only one effect of the interaction of light with the surface of something, and it is our brains who qualifies it, which does not necessarily mean that is the real color,  the information of the light can be perceived by other beings differently. We have much to learn from the living beings, not just how to eat them.
Researchers tell us now, that the probability reflects the reality better than the certainty  and that the act to observe determines the outcome of the observation. This is very difficult to understand even for most of us now, so it does not affect in any way in our lives or in society, although it was on the twenties of last century when were ruminated all these things, if not even before. The same has happened many times, in Galileo’s time is believed in Aristotle and now we are with Newton yet. We delay to update our software. We are reluctant to abandon old patterns and dogmas.

The mystery of the double slit, not yet elucidated, has led to generations of scientists to the idea that the act of observing, determines the result of observation, as I mentioned, technically this was described by Schrodinger to the formula:

And… guys, we need a new Carl Sagan to put it easier to us , is sufficient to know that the algorithm was somewhat “improved” by Paul Dirac:

Paradoxically, these concepts and others depend on the limit set by Einstein, the premise that “nothing can travel faster than light” and very recently seems to have proven that particles called neutrinos can travel above the speed of light, but of course before starting to talk about time travels, will have to corroborate the results of the measurements, check the measuring equipment and all such trifles, which seems a thing of geeks but it is the point of science, do not take anything for granted just like that .

There are books, where one expects to find more complete information on all this stuff, as surely the written with the suggestive title “The Road to Reality” by Roger Penrose, which I do not recommend to anyone that is not an initiated into the cryptic language of current physical, to say this I refer to this link   and because I am rereading an earlier book by the same author, “The emperor’s New Mind” a work supposedly less arid and friendly, from which I sincerely doubt that is able to understand just anything in a near future. Nevertheless, the mathematical formulas are not without beauty, but of course this is not important, but are able to respond to the expectations and also predict phenomena, even before they have been observed and that from that time come in the laboratory. This dynamic gives scientists a very large capacity of certainty and what they are saying us right now is amazing, something like that  inside the duality between “road” and “reality” there is more of “road” than of “reality”, at this point we may then ask: does  end the “road” when we die?, think for yourselves.

“If, when you think about the whole made ​​up of fragments considered independent, your mind tends to work the same way, but if you can include things in a coherent and harmonious, into a comprehensive whole that is continuous, not fragmented, and without any borders (for every border is a division or break), then your mind will tend to move in a similar way and it will flow from itself an action coherent with the whole.”  David Bohm (Wholeness and the implicate order).
Nothing less.


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