Amazing, mind-bending, what a courage have the Somali pirates, kidnapping oil tankers, they must be crazy.

Most of the people don´t know what is happening in Africa, in reality we are unable to imagine it, despite the news and some documentary widely ignored. We are not interested, whatever is happening, it happens too far and however despite our emotional blindness, on our shores arrive corpses, not just boats.

For centuries the West has disrupted the social fabric and culture of Africa, first with slavery, religion and then later, in the nineteenth century, colonial imperialism, religion again and again slavery. Africa is a continent left to his fate, divided by artificial borders created a century ago by the industrial bourgeoisie in Europe, according to the agreement of Berlin in 1884. Just 33 years have passed since the end of decolonization that began in 1955 and, paradoxically, we ignore the problem as if the thing is not with us.

The cradle of humanity, is now the tomb of one and all of the fundamental human rights; a pattern of violence, famine and chronic diseases endless, shapes the reality of the continent which we were born, except for some remaining metropolis where survive the interests trade of the developed world, which only accentuates the overwhelming imbalance between its peoples. To make matters worse, climate change is drying up major lakes, which are in danger of disappearing in a matter of decades, which obviously won´t help to improve the situation. To Europeans, have sold us the image of Africa mysterious and exotic, dangerous and sensual, like in the Tarzan films, where the white man, (the oppressor), was a poor orphan, barely covered with a loincloth, lost in a vast land brutal, uncivilized, heathen, and that despite all this, he got to be respected by men and animals thanks to an invaluable strength and agility, plus a powerful throat of lush hues. Pure gloating because meanwhile cannons and rifles from Western civilizing, tried to slay the tribes of the Zulus whose were reluctant to lose their independence, in order to paving the way for the greed and speculation of traffickers and the clergy.
Now there is no need to kill them, because they are doing themselves, we just have to sell them weapons, so here the true nature of war is revealed in all its purity : an investment of which, somebody expects quick benefits, a business like any other, a commercial invention as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Now a handful of Somalis have directed their weapons against the commercial interests of the developed world rather than against themselves, after all maybe they are not so crazy, just desperate enough.

(interview with Mbuyi Kabunda Professor of International Relations at the University of Basel and member of the Institute of African Studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid.)
(The history of Europe is an incomplete story.)


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