From cannibalism to capitalism III

Around the year -30,000 is the time when has been established which is produced the disappearance of Neanderthals and also casually by the same time, the Cro-Magnon enjoys more free time, which he employs full-time to translate their newly discovered artistic concerns, in the walls of the rock shelters.

Some people speculate that the Cro-Magnon could have been truly responsibles for the extinction of the Neandertals, after all, watching our, too often, deplorable way of acting , is not an irrational idea, just look  the impact caused at the indigenous population of America, just 500 years after from the arrival of Europeans to the new continent, however, there is some data to bear in mind and which maybe that could free us from this blame. First, both communities lived together during 10,000 years at least, in some cases a short distance from each other, there is no evidence of any widespread fighting between both them, and in second place,  belonging to the late period ,  have been found tools of mode 4 next to remains of Neanderthals, which suggest that some localized groups came into contact with cromagnons, so much and in such way that have received a clasification apart, which seems it has been not possible to call of other way that Chatel-Perroniense.

On the other hand has been shown that the last glaciation, called of Würm , which ended abruptly 15,000 years ago or so, it said goodbye with a brutal drop in temperatures that began shortly after -30,000, which became the largest and most lasting for the past 120,000 years. It is possible that given the magnitude of the impact on the environment, this has been the cause of the extinction of the Neanderthals although they were well adapted to cold, and in turn could be the reason that pushed the Cromagnon to spend much more time inside their shelters.

The Cro Magnon do not left any testimony in their carvings, paintings and prints, about Neanderthals, as if they had  never existed or simply there was no distinction between these and those. Already in historical times perhaps there is a reference, in the epic of Gilgamesh, which show the adventures of a hairy human being, a wild type, very robust and rudimentary-looking but intelligent, Enkidu, who lived in the mountains , among the beasts and drank from the puddles and troughs, that he knew nothing of life in society.

The Holocene, starts around -10,000, still inside of the Quaternary period and the man continues his vital adventure now living alone, all other human forms have disappeared.

I found on wikipedia that “Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan were split from Asia, the UK was split from Europe and New Guinea and Tasmania were split from Australia. it was produced also the formation of the Bering Strait, huge changes were ocurred and however the scientific community seems to widely agree that any other island or continent could not sink into the Atlantic. Until the year -18,000, the sea level was 120 meters lower, when it starts to rise with the exception of  Dryas III period that lasted a thousand years, a mysterious mini ice age after which sea level reached more or less current levels. Since then we have a ‘interglacial and we must not forget that generally are often very shorts.


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